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  • sweepy

    physio, and make sure its a good one. If your anywhere near id recommend Fasics clinic at edinburgh uni but you have to say its sports related


    I'd say physio, my aunt is a physio she thinks chiropractors and osteopaths are quacks.


    chiropractors are quacks


    I know someone who swears by his quack. I mean chiropracter. I swore by my physio. Who's right?

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    Personally, I trust my osteopath. Wife dented her leg a few years back and saw a physio and it helped a bit but the problem remained. Couple of years later, she sees an osteopath for something else, she pick up on the leg issue. She treated that as well and it's getting better now and almost back to normal.


    My understanding (and experience) is there is a big overlap between all three types, so in reality, the individual is more important then the title.


    I was sceptical having a problem for 10yrs that the GP couldn't diagnose but went to an Osteopath 2 weeks ago, thought it was mumbo jumbo but gave it a go and I'm amazed what a difference 1 treatment has made! Off for 2nd, of 3, sessions today. She said if there was no improvement then she would write a referral to GP but I think that won't be necessary. I'm a District Nurse so always gone down the medical route btw but now I would say give Osteopathy a try, they've done lots of training, more than Chiropractors I think.


    personally I'd go for an Osteo'
    more likely imo to sort the root problem(s) and the area in pain
    e.g. my foot hurts…
    physio – Treats foot pain
    Osteo – Why does foot hurt? try to correct root cause

    Just my experience

    I have had good results from physio's in the past too but personally prefer the Osteo' now


    where are you based??

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    decent physio… avoid the spine-wizards!



    My physio spent a lot of time crackign and manipulating my spine. Does that make him a physio or a chiro ? 😀


    chiro good at taking lots of money off you but will sort the imediate issue if there is displacement, but then will fleece you for all your worth, long term care – physio

    None, hydrotherapy rocks my socks.

    Basicly a big jacuzzi, but the jets are mahooosive so any muscle problems get pummled out.

    I walked of an 8ft split level wall in a car park in the dark a few years back, landed on my head. Had wiplash in my lower spine ever since, went in the pool (it was part of a Spa evening out with the missus) and felt like I was 23 again not 83 (which is odd, because I am 23!).

    Sometimes the quack treatment works. And no it wasn't a placebo, In wasnt expecting anything to happen, and it did wear off after a week or so, but I do still feel better than before.

    As For Physio/Chiro/Osteopath, they all do similar training so you may well get similar results.

    FWIW I've seen some shockingly bad physio's. One was so useless I walked out mid way through the 3rd session after commenting that I'd beeen on the internet and all the treatments he was using had either been long ago discredited, were for the wrong type of injury, or were only effective as pain relief and would have no effect on the ectual problems.


    What are the pro's and cons of the above?
    I've got a bad back due to an imbecile smashing into my motorbike 20 years ago and fracturing a couple of vertebrae (compound wedge fractures of T8 and T9)
    It's become really painful recently and i want to get it helped/pain relieved.
    I don't have time to wait for NHS treatment as I'm going abroad in May for a couple of months, this also means I won't be around for any long term treatment either.
    Which would be best for short term relief?


    I've just got back from seeing a sports and manipulative therapist today. I feel like a new man!!

    I'd been getting problems with cramping in my left leg, spasm of my lower back, shoulder pain …… the list goes on. It had got progressively worse until recently I decided to seek help. This lady came recommended as a possible solution. I've had a few motorcycle accidents over the years and a recent mtb fall where I twisted badly – she felt this had been the final straw but that the problems lay with the earlier accidents.

    She found my left leg was longer than the right, my pelvis was twisted, my shoulders were twisted and 3 or 4 vertebrae in my middle back had locked. With manipulation she freed the vertebrae – all I felt was a pop as she did. They had caused all the problems and the pelvis and shoulder immediately corrected themselves and my legs became equal again.

    I can't start to describe how much better I feel. The immediate release of what can best be called energy is amazing. All the areas that were previously in pain are now tingling pleasantly and I feel great.

    It is genuinely weird – I feel lighter on my feet and all the discomfort I'd grown used to has gone.


    Thanks for all the info so far
    that sounds good neninja, where is this magical person based?
    I'm in Cardiff btw


    With an underlying medical issue of the old fractures I would go to a doctor first and get their opinion on manipulation. Manipulation can work although the real evidence is in very short supply) but with old bony injuries I would want it checked first. Definitely no chiro as the first step – it tends to be much more brutal.


    Darlington I'm afraid so not very local to Cardiff

    I know she was registered here – – which specialises in manipulation etc.

    It was £40 for the session. She thought I probably won't need any further treatments as everything corrected itself in the one session.


    I went to a Physio first and all they do is give me traction for weeks and no improvement Then went to a sports Osteo Brilliant had the pain
    gone in a couple of weeks
    If your in London Il give you his number


    I went from GP (drugs) to osteo to chiro amd found the chiro most effective. The chiro gave me all sorts of exercises to work on to reduce my number of visits. It's certainly worked but progress has come rather slowly and I'm a few hundred quid out of pocket.


    Had problems with a nerve in my back affecting my fingers and lower arm. Went to physio with little improvement. Went to one osteopath and had some improvement so started back at the gym and on the bike which led to a return of the problem. Was then recommended to a GP who did osteopathy part-time and problem was resolved in 3 sessions. Also had some sports massages which also helped. Wish I'd been recommended him earlier as I was unable to cycle most of the second half of last year.

    The guy I used is in Bristol so not too far from Cardiff –

    Hope this helps.

    Before you pay any money, it's worth finding out if you can self-refer to your local NHS physio. If you can, it cuts out some of the waiting time (which are often quite short for physio outpatients anyway).

    There is nothing that a osteopath or chiropractor can do that a good physio can't do. Physios can crack your back as good as anyone

    There are plenty of shit physios about, just like there are loads of shit chiros and osteos though.


    Wrong PFTF

    Osteo and chiro are both different and both different from Physio. Physios can learn osteopathic techniques but it is not a core part of their training.


    i would avoid chiro's my x had a bad back and chose to ignore Dr's unpalatable advice which in summary was lose some weight get some exercise,she went to a chiro who seemed to achieve some relief she went back had a different chiro who came out with some medical sounding mumbo jumbo wrenched her back and left her in agony . It took two years and a lot of expensive nhs treatment to undo the harm . As i understand it the chiro had displaced or burst the cartilage between the vertebrae in her neck and shoulders.

    Any "medical"organisation which resorts to the libel law rather than facts to defend it's reputation knows that it's members are snake oil salesmen.

    TJ – Dont tell me that I'm wrong, when I know more about the subject than you do. Hell, even I can do grade 5 manipulations.

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    Definitely no chiro as the first step – it tends to be much more brutal.

    Really? You sure about that? If anything I've found chiro to be the least "brutal" of all, my Chiro* Annette is a wee slip of a girl, she couldn't be brutal if her life depended upon it.

    *Yes, I'm aware there's no evidence to support it, I know it's wifty-wafty, but it works, I can afford it, and it looks after my back.


    Currently seeing a chiro for my back and it's done wonders, all the treatment I've had from physios for back injuries (including the pain I described to them from this injury) hasn't done any good until it's got so bad I've finally put my scepticism aside and gone to the chiro. I guess it's a case of what works for you. A sports physio at one of the local football clubs did a great job on my knee a few years back too.


    As I understand it, osteopaths and chiropractors are very similar. The (more or less) aggressive manipulations are not something I'd want to happen to my spine though. I see an osteopath whenever one of my sacro-iliac joints gives trouble. Years ago I jumped off a flat bed farm trailer, landed (unexpetedly) on only one foot due to uneven ground hidden in the grass. Never felt anything like it 😥 and ever since my pelvis has been tilted. The treatments are so subtle and relaxing but I walk in very gingerly and bent over to one side, shoulders pinned back, tight and tense. 45 minutes later walk out feeling back to normal, pain gone, tension gone, straightened up and relaxed. You do tend to feel vulnerable and should go home and take it easy at least for the rest of the day.

    I have a lot of respect for my osteo, no one could convince me that she's anything other than knowledgeable, experienced, professional, caring, and absolutely knows her stuff. It's easy to knock any treatment but generally a lot of it comes down to the individual. Go through the professional bodies as a starting point, or a very good personal recommendation from someone you trust. Be wary about being pulled about too much though. Good luck!

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