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  • Permission granted! new frame for my 40th
  • Around the Xmas dinner table the topic of my 40thh came up and amazingly my wife and in laws agreed a new steel road frame was a good idea 😀

    So Rourke or Ritchey Logic frame, what would you do?


    Of the two for a special, Rouke custom road frame, just because you have a little more control. Do you want a race frame or an audax, etc….do you want barber pole paint job or pearlecent etc….

    Though there is nothing wrong with the Ritchey.

    and if you want a Ritchey for old times sake there really is only this one

    although a swiss cross….


    Carbon Nomad.


    Your’e only 40 once (maybe twice)

    Common sense tells me Rourke but having dreamt of Ritcheys back in the day they just get me moist.

    That logic is a sexy looking bike. If you have “average” size proportions then go with the logic, if like me you have the legs of a corgi then a custom fit would be the sensible option.


    Plus new wheels

    Premier Icon Cheezpleez

    Rourke. You get to meet the man who builds and paints your frame.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Missus went blur ltc


    I got a Hewitt cheviot tourer for my 40th and did lejog. Enjoy, whatever you choose.

    Colnago master


    If you’ve got a 5 you can do that.His name is Vaughn.

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    Indy Fab?
    Or go and see someone like Ricky Feather if you like old school style..

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    I know someone that has a Ritchey P-29er. He loves it! It looks really nice. I think that the LBS he got it from sold another one and a Swiss Cross as well.


    Bianchi Tipo Corsa


    Colagno Master for me

    Premier Icon rOcKeTdOg

    Charlie TBM is doing Ritchey Logic frames now


    Enigma cycles is another option.


    The ritchey tbh if you don’t need a custom frame

    If you need a custom look abroad

    Dunno if tyler at firefly does steel but they are on a level with baum

    Darrel llewellyn springs to mind does an awesome OS lugged frameset

    and in scotland steven hand will build something and isn’t a one trick pony like all the other also rans

    You might be 41 begore you get a custom anything from anyone on the really good list

    Well, I had the same dilema and my ritchey should be here tomorrow.

    I went for the ritchey as it fits the bill…

    Room for 28mm tyres, because roads are crap, and I stray off road a lot down gravel and tow paths. ritchey say its good for unpaved roads. I will be running durano 25mm.

    Steel, because I like the zing and the long life expectancy

    Looks cool, retro looks with modern tech.

    Triple butted…. That’s a lot of butts

    Pretty good value too, ritchey carbon fork and headset included

    And I always wanted one back in 90s

    Add a frame bag, and you have a damned fast long distance bivi bag tourer. SSEC is in girona Spain you know.

    I think I’ve chosen….

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    Given your surname. I’m surprised you even have a choice in the matter 😉 (though the new incarnation of that legendary brand isn’t worth toffee)
    What’s your budget? Bob Jackson are undeniably good, but I’ve come across a few not so good stories re finish quality and below par customer service..
    You may wish to consider Roberts. I’ve one of their audax frames and it is an astoundingly good ride, smooth, comfortable, effortless (comparatively) and very quick.
    Also heard very good things abut Dave Yates frames.
    If you want a more established brand, you can’t really go wrong with Mercian either.
    At the end of the day though, if this is the special “once in a lifetime” frame, get it custom built to your sizing, well worth the extra few quid for something that will last you a lifetime..
    Good luck and enjoy, a nice steel road frame is one of life’s true pleasures.. 😀

    Budget, realistically is around £900 inc headset

    Jacksons are only 3 miles from my house so I’m hoping I could be a bit more involved in the build.

    The standard geometry is pretty much spot on when compared to the fitting I had done so there’s the potential to get an 853 frame and fork, built in my home town for £700

    What about a Mercian?

    Premier Icon flange

    Just bought an 853 Enigma in their sale – £599

    Properly looking forward to building it up, I’ve already got an Enigma carbon fork to go in it.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    This book might be worth a look.

    I think I’ll have to wait until my 50th. Got an SB66 for my 40th this year.

    Stunning frame there Flange, nice purchase.


    Donhou – job done.

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