Blood in my pee :/

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  • Blood in my pee :/
  • selaciosa

    So last night I went for a run, got back home and headed straight for the shower.

    Now I know everyone pee’s in the shower right? Anyways I look down and notice that the water in the basin is a dark cola type colour which has emanated from my insides – absolutely bricked myself. It seems to be fine since.

    Anyways – I’m booked in at the docs tomorrow. I’m not going to die am I!?

    I’m guessing this is related to the run – although it wasn’t different to my usual runs – the only thing I can think out of the ordinary is that I didn’t eat much yesterday and I may have been a bit dehydrated.

    Title edit!

    Vigorous exercise has been known to cause blood in urine, as can a number of other relatively straightforward issues.

    But you’ve done the right thing – the doc will investigate to most likely exclude anything more sinister.


    I’d be less worried if it was blood in my pee 😉

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    Now I know everyone pee’s in the shower


    Premier Icon woody2000

    I’m not going to die am I!

    You defintely are, but almost certainly not any time soon 🙂

    Eaten a lot of beetroot recently?

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    Yes you are going to die.


    Should have gone out on your bike – running will kill you.

    You may be suffering from dehydration. lack of fluid does tend to concentrate the urinal waste products and make your pee appear darker. The ideal colour is straw, which means you are sufficiently hydrated. If the problems persist consult your GP.


    Have you considered consulting you’re funeral director.

    It’s best to plan for these thing.


    Pee clear twice a day. Words to live by…

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    Exactly the same happened to me a few months ago. First off, don’t panic, you’ve done the right thing to go to the docs.

    I got given some antibiotics to rule out any urinary tract infection and had urine and blood samples taken for tests, as well as having my kidneys prodded for any issues there. That was all fine, but I still had a repeat episode shortly afterwards so I got sent to see a consultant – they have a dedicated haematuria clinic so it’s obviously pretty common, although most of the blokes there were twenty years older than me. This involved ultrasound examination of my kidneys (fine) and endoscopic examination of my bladder (camera up my urethra, so less fine, but nowhere near as bad as I feared).

    In my case, nothing abnormal was found and I was just told to keep an eye on it and come back if it happened again. There is a specific diagnosis of joggers’ haematuria, but it’s a bit vague and probably has several causal factors – like you say, hydration and diet may play a part. My GP suggested not running with a full bladder too.

    Flexible cystoscopy…just the thought of it is making me feel faint…

    But I don’t think OP will even get the gloved finger unless he’s a repeat offender.


    the water in the basin is a dark cola type colour

    never mind the shower… why were you pissing in the sink?

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    why were you pissing in the sink?

    it’ll be shoes next, mark my words.

    “Dad! Why is there beetroot juice in my trainers?”


    Flexible cystoscopy…just the thought of it is making me feel faint…

    Had that done last year!

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    Dark urine is not necessarily due to blood in it, having blood in urine is not unusual as a one off and as mentioned after long vigorous exercise. However, if the problem persists then see your GP.


    I’ve had something similar before, two episodes. First one when I was 34ish, very very unpleasant time, turned out to be an infection in my prostate. Cleared up with anti-biotics.

    Second time was a year or so ago (40ish), less horrific, and was following a long and quite hard run. It didn’t clear up for a few days so off to the docs and given my history was referred for the same treatment as MrGreedy. They found nothing and I was sent home.

    In short – don’t worry. There’s nothing so disturbing as seeing your chap bleeding but it probably isn’t as bad as you think.


    Had something similiar, however I was in a great deal of pain peeing. Doc told me it was the worst UTI he had seen and I was stupid for not seeing him two weeks earlier. The pot was practically the colour of vimto.

    Slightly unrelated but relevant…once forgot eating beetroot, did a no.2 (not in the basin) only to think my insides had fallen out through some kind of horrific bowel cancer.

    It took my wife 10 mins to calm me down before we both realised what had caused it.

    First of all it might not have been blood. You might have just got yourself dehydrated.

    If it is blood chances are its nothing to worry about but get it checked out.

    I’ve had a couple of episodes of this 20 years apart and both times ultrasound and endoscopy found nothing.

    Don’t worry about a flexible endoscopy you’ll hardly feel it and its a doddle compared to a non-flexible endoscopy- I know I’ve had both!


    I’d see the doc…

    But… It could be myoglobinuria (breakdown of blood product from smashing up red blood cells in your feet when you run – seriously!) or simply dehydrated urine….
    But it could also be blood, which does need to be investigated with a camera up your chap….
    Let’s hope your NHS trust has invested in the smaller cameras eh…..



    Never mind blood in your urine, I onced pee’d pure blood after an operation and that freaked me out big time, I nearly fainted at the sight of it.

    Sounds like its dehydration rather than blood.

    footflaps +1

    Cat Aids for sure….can I have your bikes?

    Cat Aids for sure….can I have your bikes?

    Hold your horses there! It could be the good variant of cat aids.

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    It happened to me when I was peeing into a communal urinal at school, caused quite a stir I can tell you. Everyone wanted to come along when i next need to go, talk about stage fright.


    Personally had blood in my s*m*n about 5 years back. It came and went (no pun….) a few times.

    Eventually went to the Dr who examined externally and internally (yep, gloved finger up the..) plus a PSA test (negative) however given private medical insurance she referred me to consultant urologist at local private hospital.

    He then did more of the same plus got me in for a flexible cystoscopy one Friday after work.

    I’ll be honest and say I was bricking it – both in terms of the procedure and potential outcomes if anything found.

    I got briefed and gowned up in my room then walked through to the theatre. First thing I saw was the ‘instrument’ and wondered how they were going to get that up there….looked like one of those black car radio antennae.

    I then got onto the table with the consultant and some pleasing nurses. I was aware of my ‘frailty’ and suggested to them that the theatre was obviously cold and I was scared. Nurse was great “Don’t worry – they all do that”.

    One the local was squirted up the j*p’s *y* it commenced. Not too bad really. The only challenge was the introduction of saline to expand the bladder – immediate desire to p**. However once the saline was released all was good again. I walked back to my room, dripping as I went…

    Having to pass water before I was allowed home was interesting….it did sting and was red – but only to be expected.

    Beetroot consumptioin – now that has had me worried on a number of occasions until I have thought about it…duh!

    Good luck – sure it will all be just fine.

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    a PSA test

    some sort of Chat forum post along the lines of;

    “PSA: benz has got blood in his spaff, anyone got any ideas?”


    I’m sure they meant Prostate Specific Antigen….but then again I did not actually ask….


    They’ll just send a barbed robotic probe down your old boy. You’ll be fine but the barbed robotic probe will break apart when it’s yanked back out.

    In all seriousness, ask for the non-barbed version.


    When i played football, i had this. Camera up japs eye etc, having to wee a little on doc to let camera into bladder!!

    Ended up as joggers bladders, ie blood vessels on wall of bladder bursting with all the bouncing around. Went away by itself.

    Most embarrissing was peeing into a trough in the away end of the old Highbury stadium. Unfortunately i had played footy that afternoon and was at the furthest end of the trough away from the drain, had bloody piss and had to watch in horror as it trundled along the trough past 20 odd blokes, cue lots of strange looks and a quick run out.

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    They wanted to know if you drive a Peugot, going by your username I guess that’s a negative.


    DrP – Member
    But… It could be myoglobinuria (breakdown of blood product from smashing up red blood cells in your feet when you run – seriously!)

    Is that related to Rhabdomyolysis? I get this after loads of cycle training, a few days of rest then a couple of weeks of quad agony when walking/running etc. Pee turns brown during the ‘episode’ and it clears itself after a couple of weeks rest.

    DrP, the name, the irony.

    Kidney Stooooooones?

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    Please see your GP.

    These were my symptoms – blood in urine after a days riding in Clumber 2007. Referred to Urologist >flexible cystoscopy and removal of several small cancerous cysts from my bladder under general, histology showed they were low grade; followed up by a dose of chemotherapy, and temporary catheterisation (quite fun to be able to piss in the middle of Sainsbury’s!)

    Follow up cystoscopy after 6 months and then a further eruption 18 months on, resulting of laser removal of more cysts, (and Prostate rebore at the same time)

    All OK now and hopefully final cystoscopy check in December this year.

    I can’t emphasise how important it can be to get this checked out – the condition can be largely symptomless other than the passing of blood.

    Email me if you wish,


    Oh dear – it’s happened again tonight. Pretty standard day but this time no run. I’m at the docs tomorrow evening – I’m bricking it a bit now. I’m sure it’s nothing – but my mind is racing.

    Wtf is a prostate rebore!? On second thoughts I don’t need to know right now 😕

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    Iv had this, but mine was caused by a nasty crash that involved me stopping my hurtling body by humping a tree. Followed by curling into a little ball by the side of the trail whimpering. Got home a yup bloody pee. Iv never been so scared……

    Cleared up in a few days so all good!

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