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  • Premier Icon singlespeedstu

    And the tyres are 4″

    No they’re 3.8″ 🙄


    Love how some will use any thread to brag about their bike…

    you asked about over biked so surely youre asking for a reference point? My Alpine would be more likely to be criticised (by those that feel the need to) for being over biked than a shorter travel or lighter bike with less typically DH-oriented kit. Not intended as a brag there are loads of bikes on here I covet.

    most bikes can do most rides FGS!

    pretty sure thats the point I was making. I rode with people on singlespeed rigid 29ers, we all enjoyed riding our bikes and I dont remember any of us judging or criticising the others for their choices. I’m always fascinated with how a minority interest that joins people with a common bond can fragment into sub-niches and devisive cliques rather than be celebrated. A part of human nature to be insecure and feel the need to judge or assert ourselves against others? I also ride an Yamaha R1 (sorry is that bragging again) but I “get” the laid back appeal of cruisers, and think anyone who will spend the sort of money a Honda Goldwing costs on a largely impractical 2-wheeler is cool.


    sometimes the gnarr is all on the inside

    I’m going to have a mug made up with this printed on it 🙂


    120mm fork on my inbred for the commute today.
    way too much travel.


    monkfish, put yer knickers on and go and get me a cup of tea !





    And ton I spent much of last weekend at over 3000 feet in the Cairngorms.

    Not on the plateau? 😯


    There was a chap with a demo8 with boxxers at the marin trail today.


    It’s me. I’ve got a 5″ FS, a 5″ HT, a carbon road bike and a road SS. Overbiked because due to ongoing back problems I’ve had to walk everywhere for the last 6 weeks. Just starting to get better, but my daughter’s due in 3 weeks.

    I’M GOING **** MENTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (and breathe)

    walks away whistling……..


    I know some stuff on Leith where a big bike would be useful – What?


    Being relatively new to MTB and Surrey Hills rider I don’t quite understand ‘overbiked’ presumably the riders who avoid the tricky bits would do it on any bike? As it all seems doable on any decent bike if youve got the skills and bottle?

    That said, some of the more creative stuff on Pitch is more than I would try even if I had a free Bottlerocket and platinum health insurance


    Most of the bikes I see people ride at trail centres etc are probably “too much bike” but the riders always seem to be having fun so it doesn’t really matter!


    Yesterday I saw some knob on the motorway in a Audi A6. Totally over car’d he was too. His 2.7 is easily good for 150mph but he just sat at 70mph like a poof. Plus, he could have gotten a small family and maybe a dog in there but instead, he was on his own.

    I smoked him in my obscure and impractical old car by going slightly faster than him. Don’t think he noticed me win mind.

    Premier Icon himupstairs

    nice one.


    overbiked is the new singlespeed don’cha know


    Dear all,
    I’m in a dilema. I’m off for a ‘normal’ Bath loop, about 18 miles and 2300ft. Problem is, the first hill is a road climb. I’m not sure how I’m going to carry the Anthem X1 on my back as I have to ride road on something with no boing right? Then do I leave the non overbike bike at the top of the hill and pick it up when I’ve finished in the mud?
    Confused of Bath

    Problem is, I only have one bike……. Stuff it, I’ll risk it. Please don’t all point and laugh.


    I have one bike, and it’s a patriot

    originally bought to have a go at the megavalanche, which I haven’t got around to doing 😳

    sometimes I will ride it along canal towpaths, on the road, around the reservoir, down to the shops…

    sometimes the gnarr is all on the inside

    I’m going to have a mug made up with this printed on it

    Printed on the inside of the mug I hope?



    Premier Icon ampthill

    Today I’ll be walking in the park in my walking boots

    I that over shoed or over booted

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I might ride my Patriot this afternoon, around the woods near my house which are pancake flat – flatter than Thetford even – and seem only to contain fire road.

    Because I haven’t time to go anywhere else and I only have the Patriot and a road bike 🙂


    i have ridden my orange 5 when out with my kids on flat bridleways means all the proper MTB know you are one of the gang but WTF are they doing there is what I always think.


    I’ve been to the shop on my Five, I could have just walked so I win!


    great thread, it has inspired me to ride my ASX across a field to the pub this afternoon

    the rigid SS is probably the correct tool for the job, or even stick to the road and give the old commuter a run out…..


    I’m assuming the OP has done all the bigger stuff on Leith Hill on his bike? I really hate this sort of attitude, and it seems to be infecting mountain biking. It’s a bike with knobbly tyres, ride what you brought…


    A lot of the ‘problem’ is the magazines, promoting 160 / 140 /120 as the new must have amount of travel. Can’t people just ride what bike they have?

    Its mbr and wmb and the like promoting that you NEED a 120mm travel FS. Sorry, next issue make that 140mm. Oohps, no why 140, when you could have 160? And if its last year’s kit, its obsolete. FFS….does it matter? They all promote some kind of “just get out and ride” slogan but then it seems you can’t do it unless you’re on the latest all singing all dancing do-it-all trail bike.


    Friday, Barry knows best, Holmebury hill. Specialized demo, boxxers, full face and armour


    Only got one bike, 5″ FS so most my local XC riding is over biked but so what. If I could afford to have a stable of bikes then great but I’m happy to use the one bike for everything.


    all bikes are good, it’s all fun and nobody should care what you play on as long as you ride and smile it’s a winner.


    I have one bike, and it’s a patriot, originally bought to have a go at the megavalanche, which I haven’t got around to doing, sometimes I will ride it along canal towpaths, on the road, around the reservoir, down to the shops…

    Great bike. I have an Alpine 160 which was the perfect Megavalanche bike but also raced xc and ridden to the pub… unfortunately not got the skills to win anything but it’s good to know you can always point it downhill and pin whenever!


    Are we all having overbiked fun though? I know I am.


    I have 7 bikes, everyone is underbiked for its intended use.

    I am the most underbiked here, even if I sold all my bikes I wouldn’t be underbiked.

    I’ve won road races on my DH rig, Dh races on my track bike YOU NAME IT!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Old Patriots are almost like today’s trailbikes though

    I think I’m taking my Hemlock to Glentress at teh weekend, where I’ll be as overbiked as **** and loving it.

    A singlespeed Alu framed hardtail with an air sprung fork and some fire xc pro tyres make me well overbiked for Cannock to be honest, a CX bike would probably cope just as well. 🙂

    I’m off to Swinley after work on the Pitch, might even dig the full face out 🙂

    I rode my 8″ Front / 7″ Rear DH race bike to the 24hr garage at 2.30am the other morning. Was this too much bike?

    I was also using super tacky high rollers on tarmac.

    What bike for slightly inebriated trips to the garage after midnight?


    clearly you need a recumbent for that


    I will be massively overbiked tomorrow. I will be using a 160mm F and 150mm R bike for pulling the kids around Sutton Park in a trailer.


    is using a road bike for commuting 3 miles to work not ‘overbiked’ as well though? you don’t need those aero advantages and light weight for a 3 mile pootle. Same as a light xc bike? if you’re not racing, surely its overkill for a ride round surry hills?

    I’ve taken a 7″ bike up leith hill before. Lots of fun to be had


    I only have one mountain bike too – my Pitch gets used for everything from the Megavalanche to pootles round gentle country bridleways. I’m terribly terribly sorry.

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