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  • catvet

    prolapsed a disc L3/4 first week July,(had MRI and injection plus physio) still have some discomfort daily, burning sensation in muscle on hip left side and down front of Quads, so I must still have some disc impinging on the nerve root outflow.
    How long did anyone else take to settle down to become pain free entirely, I have also lost 1.5 ” in circumference on my left thigh, any ideas if it will come back, if so how long?


    I’m afraid there’s no definitive answer to this. I’d expect pain and symptoms to subside after around three months (with the right advice and treatment) but if you’ve had sufficient nerve damage to cause muscle atrophy then repair could take months or even years. The best thing you can do is continue exercising, and make sure you have a healthy diet to encourage healing (some studies have shown that essential fatty acids such as omega 3 can help with neural regeneration). I wish you a speedy recovery.


    Hmm – interesting pattern to your issues. Definitely L3/4?

    Premier Icon Johnny Panic

    Back in April I started off with shooting pains down the inside of my L leg and lower back pain stopping me from straightening up. After a week the front of my L shin went numb and I lost control entirely of my L thigh. Knee jerk reflex disappeared. Kept falling over. Not fun.

    MRI showed prolapsed disc in around the same level as you (maybe L4/5). Exercises from the physio had me symptom free and back at work within 6 weeks. I count myself lucky.

    Listen to your physio and good luck with the recovery.


    You neasure your thighs?!

    I’ve had similar symptoms to yours following L4/5 prolapse. Disc impingment identified in 2010 by MRI.
    Took me a good few months to get upright and mobile. Many more to get back on the bike in anger, but I got fitter, stronger and more flexible about a year later. All injuries are different though, keep positive.
    And 15+ years later i still have symptoms occasionally. I know what to do and not do to manage it.
    Physio, swimming (front crawl), Pilates, yoga, stretching, rolling, cycling and eventually running helped for me.
    Good luck!


    +1 for Pilates.

    I’ve got degenerative disc disease (2 bulging discs, one of them ruptured, 2 dehydrated discs, and some nerve impingement). Nothing helped for a year and a half, until my physio clinic ran a trial Pilates programme for back sufferers, with the exercises tailored to the back. Been like night and day.


    Yeah, Pilates is great. I have a disc that bulged, then degenerated then disappeared! Pilates is really helping.

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