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  • Junkyard

    mine is that age diesel engine nothing beyond servicing and odd repairs – nothing unusual – odd bit of suspension etc

    It is at 120 k now and still going strong

    Not that comfy a driving position for long days though

    Premier Icon brassneck

    I have a 1.4 petrol one as my daily commuter, no point spending anymore to leave it in a car park.

    The electrics are .. err .. gallic .. central locking doesn’t (just unlocks a second or two later) and the odo appears to now be so dim it’s unreadable. It used to flash various other lights along with the indicator, but thats fixed now! It’s a squeeze to get a bike in front wheel off if thats a consideration.

    But otherwise it’s a great little car, quite fun in its own way, cheap, starts every time and takes some abuse without complaining. Probably wouldn’t have considered it if the wife hadn’t shown up with it (her uncle owns a garage) and I’d be the poorer.

    Would have liked the 1.6 diesel if I had a choice, and leather seats as they seem to live a bit longer that the fuzzy ones.. mine are sinking a bit now!

    I’ve had an ’03 206 (1.4) “Quiksilver” since last Oct. Had 66K on the clock when I bought it, so quite tidy overall.

    PROS: Nicely styled inside (see Quiksliver thing). Quite comfy for long drives.
    CONS: Shocking cornering esp in the wet. Not that good MPG. Pedals too close together causing a few hoop-clenching moments. AC doesn’t work.

    Since I’ve had it:
    Clutch Release Bearing went, so had a new clutch fitted.
    New discs and pads.
    Two new tyres due to poor tracking (previous owner had new track-rod fitted, but didn’t check tracking afterwards).
    Two new sections of exhaust.
    Annoyingly, it needs a new Coms Unit (headlights, indicators and rear-wiper come on/go off at random times UNLESS you have the sidelights on all the time). These are over £300 new, but c.£70 s/h.

    Despite being under-powered, the engine seems sound-as-a-pound but will need a new timing-belt kit in a few K’s time. That all said, it does start first time every time and gets me from A to B safely. Have also had 3 MTBs in the back 🙂

    Bought in haste, TBH, as I needed a cheap-to-keep hatchback at the time and that was pretty-much all that was available. Wish I’d waited for something else to turn up.


    It used to flash various other lights along with the indicator,

    Ha! Yep – sounds about right.

    PS – Was thinking of selling it on, Craig. Bit too girly for me 😉 Looks exactly like this, but has black bumper strip:


    and the odo appears to now be so dim it’s unreadable

    Have you dimmed it yourself?

    Forget which one but of the two knobs thingies that stick out the dash – one resets the trip computer the other dims the lights/alters their brightness – FWIW I did this then found it by random chance


    hi girlfriend is after a Peugeot 206 round 10 years old

    I hear rear axle probs with splayed tyres
    leaking seal on engine

    anyone with experience

    Premier Icon parkesie

    Good cheap run arounds the higher spec ones are quite nice to sit in. 2ltr hdi or 1.4 petrol units are tough as old boots as are the petrol gti units. The 1.4 and 1.6 hdi ones suffer alot with dpf problems. Rear axles can be a problem if the bearings fail it effectively writes the axle off refurbished units are about 400 +labour. I think models post 2000 are multiplex wiring with the coms 2000 unit that when it starts failing gives alsorts of fun electrical problems.
    I had a 206sw quicksilver with the 2.0hdi engine. Only had a rear shock leak on it during my 18 months of ownership.

    Can’t add anything more than above, certainly anything technical, but we sold our old 206 to a neighbour five years ago. In that time we’ve had three cars and the Peugeot is still going strong, almost teasing us as we sold it so cheap!


    cheers everyone
    girlfriend wants a 5 door but cheers anyway

    Premier Icon brassneck

    Have you dimmed it yourself?

    Unfortunately not! Been fiddling with that in hope everytime I get in the car.

    Bit jealous of Thurmans spoiler and alloys now 🙂 – how did you get 3 bikes in it?! I struggle to get the road bike in with both wheels off (though I’m usually too lazt to put the seat down.

    Premier Icon darkcove

    I’ve bought a GTi 180 as a cheap run around. Everything works!!! Even the climate blows ice cold (which can be more than said for the brand new Audi A1 it replaced). It’ll blow up now I’ve said that.

    Herman Shake

    I have an ’03 1.4 HDi. My first car 🙂

    It’s had issues with the head gasket, fuel return, floppy indicators over correcting (comms unit), rear axle, track end rod thingy, exhaust falling off. But, £30 tax due to low emissions and economical fuel consumption a plus.

    The parts are common, I can get 2 bikes in the back (just) and park in most gaps.

    I’d like the estate version of the same. Mine’s even girlier in metallic eyeshadow blue 😉


    I have the diesel estate version. 70 mpg and look like it spent its latter life going to the alps on bike holidays and before that doing faff all.

    Nothing of note to report. Topped up the AC and suspect it eats front tyres as it tempts you to be bit whooshy (eventually). I came from vans so I think it handles like ferrari. The pedal distance is a bit of a faff on occasion but you get used to it.

    how did you get 3 bikes in it?

    Pedals off, wheels off, seatposts out. Then fill passenger seat and footwell with all other luggage 🙂


    Had a 2 litre GTi since new in 1999. Great to drive and regularly do Bristol to Leeds without stopping. Had a couple of electrical issues – engine management light and engine timing, central door locking, and CD/radio/clock panel. Also air conditioning currently needs a hose replacing. Can get a bike in the back with the seats down and wheels off. Its worth very little now so might as well drive it into the ground.


    I had an ’03 2.0 DTurbo SW. I absolutely loved it. Great to drive, practical wee thing with the extra room in the back- great for bikes. About 50mpg. The rear axle does need replaced once it starts to wear.

    Would happily have another right now.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I had a 1.4 one, was a great little car. Bought it with about 30k and sold it with 90k on the clock, clutch was pretty urgent, it had a new exhaust under my ownership, otherwise all it had was fuel and tyres. Good car.


    I have an 11 year old 307 xsi which I’ve had for about 10 years. It’s nice to drive but I wouldn’t buy another as the electrics are rubbish. It’s now getting to the stage where things are starting to break so I wouldn’t buy a 10 year old one.

    Having said that, apart from normal servicing, we’ve not had to spend any money on it and we live with the buggy electrics.

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