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  • walleater

    On the Saturday morning, lots of people had been complaining, either that it was too steep and technical

    Muwahahahahaha it’s a field outside Malvern LOLOMGOLOLETC….


    @ Ti29er
    “For those who endured 2008:
    Imagine how this course would have held up under 2008’s torrential rain.
    Now tell me, hand on heart, that anything has really changed.

    It might have less of the mud / grass / off-camber stuff but none of the sections that need all-weather proofing received any such detailing.”

    I’m not sure the landowner will allow any all-weather proofing at Eastnor so Pat’s hands are relatively tied in that respect.


    Nope – they don’t. The course has to blend back in after the event. Hence no weatherproofing. Catton would appear to be a different story, with the new surfacing which may help a bit in the wet.

    surfacing…..that a bit like building a road innit? why not just go the whole hog and have the whole course smooth and grippy like the kenda climb…..

    I liked the slippy bits, not cos I’m good at riding, (i’m not) but it’s a mountain bike race. lots ofdifferent surfaces is what our bikes are designed to do.

    I loved it, don’t surface anything. the lottery of a mud bath or not makes mayhem what it is. and it’s ace. don’t want to wait another year for it though…

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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