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  • Orange Five shock mount bolts – how tight?
  • 06awjudd

    Hi all,
    My Orange Five frame arrived today (2nd hand). I want to replace the shock, so I removed the shock mount bolts (they were very very tight) with 2 allen keys.
    I then photographed the shock, and reinstalled it into the shock mounts.
    I have noticed however, that since I’ve put the shock back there is slight play in the shock mount bolts when I move the swingarm – this definitely did not happen 10 minutes before.
    I doubt that the bushings would just give up so randomly, so could it be that the shock mount bolts weren’t tight enough, or do I need to replace the bushings?
    I tightened the shock mount bolts as tight as I could with two allen keys as my ratchet seems to have broken.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Try swapping the bolts (including the piece that slides through the bush) over front for back. They are slightly different lengths, regarding how tight to do them up you shouldn’t need to be swinging on the allen key for any bike part to be honest.. a good squeeze is enough.


    Really – the bolts are different lengths? I’ll swap them over, thanks……………….never new that 😉


    Orange dont give torque settings for shock mounts, apparently they just do it by feel. Snug is enough, around 6Nm, certainly no more than 10Nm. Make sure you put some thread lock on the mounting bolts.


    *knew…………… how embarrassing


    Did swapping the bolts over help?

    I’ve just noticed play in the rear shock mount but swapping the bolts hasn’t helped.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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