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  • stratobiker

    Totally superb post Gav. Enjoyed that immensely. Those guys could really skate.



    Super, just goes to show it’s all been done before 😉


    Thanks for that Gav, only found out Bob Biniak died recently.

    following on from punk-drummers skate thread, for all the old skaters on here…



    Bought one of these today, my original early eighties one’s a tad small now:

    Premier Icon DezB

    Brilliant stuff.

    I wonder if today’s kids will look back as fondly on scooters in 30 years…


    excellent stuff. Like everything else, skateboards had a hey day, late 70’s/80’s, when guys were really pushing it, now it’s all cool and sanatised and too much money being flung at it.

    Dezb… I’m on my phone otherwise id go on and on. But i agree so much.

    Love that t. Epic 1st time around. May have to buy one.

    Talking of 80s style… 11yr old daughter has gone to an 80s disco tonight. All the school cool kids going and all that. So i rummaged in the attic and gave her a choice.. Embarrassing dad takes her wearing either quiksilver tom carol nuthuggers or quiksilver warpaint baggies. Both authentic 80s as i was there. Twitter my stw username for pics.

    Premier Icon Haze

    ^ That Bones shirt was my first ‘proper’ skate tee, was also the proud owner of war-paints!

    Good post OP, cheers 🙂

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    this post prompted me to go dig out my OG bones skeleton handplant tshirt, but i can’t find it. that makes me sad.
    i also cannot find my g&s neil blender longsleeve, or blockhead jim gray shirt. i suspect my old housemate must have robbed them.


    My dad asked me if I could dig out an old skateboard form my 7 year old cousin, so I gave him my 1989 Powell peralta tony hawk signature board with Indy trucks and t-bone wheels, Santa cruz cell block risers and all, am I bad for now regretting this? I hope he doesn’t trash it 🙁 mind you at 33 I think I’d look a bit of turd skating! Or would I? 🙂

    am I bad for now regretting this?

    no, not at all. get it back, buy him a new argos cheapie.

    i was so lucky that my mum never threw out my skate stuff, especially when i saw this . mine now safely under lock and key.


    Both authentic 80s as i was there.

    Note to dad – the 80s look is only cool if you didn’t live through it the first time.


    Its not very cool wearing supposedly cool 80s clothes if you dont have experience of what it was all about in the first place,though!

    Like wearing a powell t-shirt.. but not quite a powell peralta t-shirt,not knowing any different.

    Premier Icon speaker2animals

    Hmmmm – mark 2 Green Kryps! Though wish I could get some mark 1 blues. Really loved my white Yo Yo’s, probably the best wheels I owned. Saw a Dog Town skate in a local shop window, more of a cruiser but took me back. My last deck was a Wesley Humpston 10″. Bit too big really, but like handlebars now in 77/78 the wider your deck, the better. Mate had a 9″ John Sablowski Benji Board which was a great looker, but a bit heavy due to the construction that made it look so ace.


    Nice link, ta… just watching the Cab one.

    Still got a SC Jeff Grosso somewhere in my dad’s house (and a never-mounted Hosoi hammerhead…!), and an 80s vintage Caballero tshirt WHICH I F**KING TIE DYED 😳


    Its not very cool wearing supposedly cool 80s clothes if you dont have experience of what it was all about in the first place,though!

    You are evidently in the ‘lived through it’ category. If you are young enough, anything can be cool. As you age, you learn or the phrase ‘no dad’ will for ever be on the lips of your children.

    All those decks on the wall! Wow!

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