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  • mcboo

    Pal of mine lives outside Geneva, rides road, wants to get a mtb…..He’ll do weekends in Verbier and Les Gets and so on but most of his riding is going to be a lot less down-hilly and technical that, plenty of more XC stuff round the woods near GVA. Even with uplift he isnt going to go looking for the really steep, rocky stuff.

    So clearly if it was most folk on here we’d want a couple of bikes to cover all that, he’s got a budget of around £3k and wants one bike.

    I’m a bit out of touch with full sussers, I have in my head that something 29″, 120mm both ends might be the right set-up…..Agree/disagree…..suggestions? Thanks


    Orange alpine 160 would be my choice. Rideable all day for the xc runs yet more than capable and confidence boosting should your friend want to try more than xc.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    Mojo Special blend for under £3k…


    Mojo for sure. As above special blend or SL.

    quite enjoyed my time on a kona satori last week in spain. the process DL was nice too, but didn’t climb quite as well. and we all know 29″ is better than 26 😉


    Forget about wheel diameter. There are great do-it-all bikes in every size. Your mate needs to try a few.

    If it was me I’d try:

    Cotic Rocket
    Cove Hustler
    Salsa Horsethief
    Turner Burner
    Giant Trance

    Once he’s tried a few he’ll have a better idea of what feels good – and what he wants to do with it.

    Nukeproof mega


    Orange Five.


    Good, plenty to think about. Noted n 29″. I’m a recent convert but I guess still more options in 26″ and its an all mountain bike, not a race bike he’s after.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    A slack-ish 140mm or 150mm bike like a Zesty or a Stumpy Evo.

    Modern trail bikes like this are pretty much sorted in 26″, whereas 29″ design still seems to be evolving.

    Premier Icon myheadsashed

    less flash – more durable….if he rides alot then it will be a very hard life for the bike 😯

    Premier Icon darrell

    i used to live there and had a Santa Cruz Blur XC

    did the trick


    Not to be controversial but since its for all year round how about…


    Premier Icon Sanny

    I would go for a 29 er full susser. Having ridden in Verbier a fair bit, I reckon something with 29 inch wheels with a 34 fork and XT brakes would do the trick. I’m planning on taking my Trance X 29 long termer to the Alps in the summer to see how it fares. The Cube Stereo looks nice but carbon wouldn’t be my first choice. Something like a Bandit, the Giant, the 140 mm Orange or a Tallboy LT might do the job. I find myself getting drawn to bigger wheels being better most of the time these days.

    Whyte T129-S and £1k left over to spend on beer.
    Apparently the T129 is the cat’s arse, although the bloke I’ve heard say that does also sell them. He personally delivers to Switzerland though, so there’s that.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    £1k left over to spend on beer.

    Which should cover a couple of weeks’ worth of bevvies, at Swiss prices.


    surly moonlander


    Yeti 575 or Santa Cruz Heckler. Heckler with 150 Revs is a Bulletproof AM bike.


    Liteville 301


    Travel adjust forks with lockout or gate. There are loads of 3 hour climbs followed by 1 hour descents where it really helps.


    if you actually intend to ride the bike, and not rely on lifts all the time, get something that goes uphill!!!!


    trance x if you can get one on offer. Anthem if he avoids anything gnarly.

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