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  • Murr

    anyone got the latest carbon 456 with the sram x9 and how you finding it , just I’m thinking of getting on .


    User Error code 101: you should have said “On-one 456c – cr#p, innit?” or “On-one 456 – way better than your turdcycle” if you want a decent amount of responses.


    I’ve just bought the frame and built it up from leftover bits and some secondhand XT stuff.

    First ride up the street was very satisfying but now the brakes hoses have been shortened but i’ve lost the olives so its back in the workstand waiting to pick some new olives and barbs up tomorrow.

    Its not as ugly in the flesh as the photos suggest I think.

    This isn’t a helpful review i’m afraid.


    I’ve got a 456c which I built up from a frame.

    Great hardtail… Even better given the cost. I’ve done over 1000miles on it so far this year and really happy with it.

    Can do all day rides on it or playing in the woods/trail centres. Mines currently built with heavy wheels and coil pikes to allow for me being a big clumsy rider and it tips the scales at a respectable 28lb 7oz (I can easily lose a couple of lb off of it without any bother).


    I have the stock c456 x9
    It suits me. Might change bits but not the frame, “is good yes”


    On-one 456 – way better than your turdcycle

    My first tattoo…?

    Anyway, the 456 is wonderful in every regard. Even better if you buy a metallic one, instead of plastic.

    Premier Icon pedlad

    I have the plastic one bought 2nd hand in the spec I pretty much wanted at the time.

    Absolutely love it. A pretty efficient climber albeit a bit wandery with big bars and short stem, plenty light enough but feels really tough and planted when hammering downhill. It was a real revelation coming back to this as a hard tail from my alu merlin which us be like a bucking bronco by comparison. Never understood people saying they are too stiff.


    Mine is a frame + my own build, absolutely love it. I would happily sell all my other bikes and just have the 456c. The only issue I’ve had is with the headsets, neither the On-One Smoothie nor the On-One/Works Components Slackset have lasted very long.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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