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  • joao3v16

    And, damn damn damn damn damn

    Riding in to work this morning, stopped at the set of lights about a mile from the office. As they changed to green, got out of the saddle and started accelerating away.

    After just a couple of yards felt something in my lower left back area, like something moved or pulled …

    That last mile to work, bit of discomfort and had to take it fairly easy.

    Managed a shower & change, although pretty uncomfortable bending down etc.

    Now sat at my desk, dull ache all the time. Quite painful if I move and walking’s a bit of a hobble.

    Trying to move regularly so it doesn’t totally seize up.

    Not sure if it’s muscular or a slipped disc. What worries me was I actually felt something move when it ‘went’, which makes me think slipped disc or somesuch rather than just a pulled muscle.

    Pretty sure I’m unable to ride home though. And just as I was getting git after the winter.



    Taxi home then?!
    My back went bending over 12months ago, felt ok for a few hours but eventually hurt too much to sit or stand so I went home. Ended up on my bathroom floor in agony in the only position I could find that didn’t hurt so much i’d cry!
    Took me a few days off til I could sit down normally & about a month to get over it completely – look after yourself!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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