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    Thinking of getting an Exposure Revo for my Roadrat, with the SP/Exposure disc hub. Now this is designed around a standard disc which runs on the LHS, but my roadhog fork runs the disc on the other side (and thus different rotational direction for the hub).
    Not being at all clued up on the science of dynamo hubs, will this work ok or is it rotational-direction specific?


    *Goes looking for dunce hat*


    They are supposed to be directional but the SP hub does not include any electrical components, so if you wire the light up reversed it should be ok. Dont forget to consider other lights, B&M are great for road use, more so than normal battery Exposure lights (and i have a few!).


    Probably be ok, but I would wonder about any internal parts of the hub unscrewing if you run backwards. The hub shell itself is made in two parts, but I don’t know if it’s press fitted or screwed together.

    Electrically it’ll make no difference because it outputs AC no need to wire up reverse.


    It will be fine. As above, the output is AC, so there’s no such thing as “wiring it up in reverse”, just clip the connector that comes with the hub to the wires at the end of the light cable (no tools required) and ride & enjoy 🙂


    If connected in reverse, won’t the LED suck in light and make everything darker? 😛

    Seriously, I run mine backwards (disc mount on RHS) – works fine.

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    Cheers for the responses guys – time for a new shiny thing then 😀

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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