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  • superfinlay

    Ive been suffering from gripping frontal lobe headaches whilst night riding – no eyesight problems, dont wear glasses, using an exposure Diablo (helmet mounted), blinkie and constant modes, doesn’t seem to matter… Any experiences / solutions?


    Have you tried a different lamp?


    Are you sure you don’t need glasses? When was the last time you checked.

    Also try a bar mounted light. Might just be tension from supporting a larger weight on your head. Also make sure nothing is pressing on your head. I have headache issues with glasses. Fine for a bit but if they are a bit tight after a few hours they start giving me a headache.

    Premier Icon rob

    I get the same if using a helmet light and I wear glasses, put the light on the bars and my headache goes away.


    Are you having to tighten the helmet up to compensate for the extra weight?
    That’s what occasionally gives me a headache when night riding

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    Yep, it’s the weight. I get it at work when the blast visor and chin guard are in the up position.

    Try moving the light back a bit to reduce leverage.

    Premier Icon shortcut

    I suspect it’s the weight.

    The whole helmet becomes unstable so you either have to tighten it up loads of balance it more. I have been trouble free since going away from exposure to a very small, very light Four4th light Genesis 3 light with batter in my pocket.

    Premier Icon accu

    had the same problem…
    have the light now mounted more back on the helmet…
    looks odd..but better leverage and everything is fine now…


    Thanks folks, gonna try a thinner beanie too, hoping its more the ‘pressure’ effects more than the eyesight or imminent haemorrhage theories…

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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