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  • Swiftacular

    Finished building yesterday, after about 5 months, but only a few hundred spent. I’m happy.

    Anyone else taken up jumping in later life (well after teen years)and not broken many bones? 😀

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    I broke my hip the first time I tried at age 35 🙁

    you’ll be fine, though, I expect.


    Either you or I are colourblind, and I don’t think it’s me 😯


    Oooo thats nice.
    I started dirt jumping last year at 38 🙂
    doing ok but did manage to knock myself out last year and i’m quite wary of back and shoulder injuries hence my other post about armour


    Wow!! Love it 8)


    I am not colourblind, so it must be you 😯 😆
    (but seriously, if you ever saw my chameleon, you’ll realise i like colours)
    Im only 26, but have always been a wheels on the ground rider, just fancy it. Everyone i now ride with has a bmx’ing background, and it’s a little depressing, so thought i’d try do something about it.


    Looks great, I’ve been wanting a ToP they look nice to ride. Out of interest how much is a few hundred? Is everything on it brand spanking? Think I may have to purchase one!


    They appear to have used another head tube instead of a seat tube 🙁

    Would be quite nice otherwise.

    Premier Icon BigDummy

    Another splendid colour combo from Swiftacular! Well done. 😀


    No, everything isnt brand spanking, but through slecting which bits i needed new, and which i was happy with 2nd hand, built the entire bike for about £500-600 outlay, which i’m very happy with, as with a new bike, i’d not gt anywhere near the same spec for the money.
    Bought it as almost a complete bike from here for under £400. SOld the wheels that came on it, which bought the Saint Cranks £50 (pinkbike)
    Swapped a pair of old wheels (xt/321s) for the Spank Rims.
    Bar and Stem £50 new.
    Saddle, grips, pedals all lbs.

    I think new it would have been about £1000-£1200 to build all from new, but the new ToP has a BMX bb, so glad i got the last one, just a shame previous owner ground the ISCG tags off.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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