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  • backhander

    Any recommendations?
    I really like the roots, jurassic 5, blackalicious, dilated peoples etc
    Don't really know any contemporary stuff of a similar ilk (intelligent rhyme, melodic and beat strong).

    Premier Icon IamSam

    Almost some of the above Hudson Mohawke no rhyme not melodic but a strong STRONG beat 😯

    My favourite recent discovery is: Atmosphere.

    I think they meet the intelligent rhyme, melodic and beat strong requirements plus have a quality album name, "If Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold".

    Black Star are definately up there, not really new though, although they are doing a new album apparently.

    If you're up on The Roots then I presume you've heard of Mos Def? Common (older material is better IMO) etc.

    Ooh, I like a bit of Hip Hop.

    Have a listen to Ugly Duckling, MF Doom, and if you like Atmosphere then check out stuff like Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, Brother Ali… A lot of the stuff on Rhymesayers, basically. Also (on a completely different note) if you like really dark, experimental stuff you really don't get much better than Dälek

    Premier Icon Mr Agreeable

    People Under the Stairs? Time Machine? MF Doom?

    Have to admit that most new hip hop passes me by, it's more rewarding to go back and rediscover old stuff. There are plenty of artists like Black Sheep, Diamond D and Artifacts who never really got much exposure at the time but still sound great today.

    Premier Icon captaindanger

    theophilus london


    roots manuva- run come save me

    Not sure if it's classed as Hip Hop but Scroobius Pip and Akira the Don are pretty good.


    I was going to mention Scroobius Pip, but I know roughly as much about hippity hop as my dad, so kept quiet 🙂

    Have a listen to Ugly Duckling, MF Doom, and if you like Atmosphere then check out stuff like Aesop Rock, Sage Francis, Brother Ali… A lot of the stuff on Rhymesayers, basically.

    I keep meaning to check Brother Ali out but never get round to it. Completely forgot about MF Doom!

    Might have to get Spotify on the go tonight.


    Brother ali "uncle sam goddamn" rocks.
    Recently got ugly duckling, not really listened to it yet.
    Thanks for the tips so far

    Premier Icon Lifer

    Not that modern but Deltron 3030 is just awesome, and the Ninja Tune Solid Steel Series is a great mixture of jazzyfunkyhiphopdub stuff.

    Soul Position too!


    I'm really liking Josh Martinez – Midrift Music at the mo. Real chilled out hip hop, reminds me a bit of Common for some reason. Found it searching for his track 'Time Alone' from the Seasons soundtrack.


    Also judging from the stuff you listed, you might like Cunninglyguists; Southernunderground is a good album to start with


    have a go at DJ FORMAT, bit novelty an def worth a giggle

    Premier Icon whippersnapper

    another vote for MF Doom. I'll throw in Jedi Mind Tricks too.


    not new but its worth seeking out "the handsome boy modeling school"


    Abdominal/DJ Fase – Flowtation Device perhaps


    Pigeon John isn't too bad & bit similar to Blackalicious, Gift of Gab etc..

    Lifesavas are worth a look, as is a lot of the Quannum output

    Ruckus Roboticus
    is putting out some good mixes & about in the UK at the moment

    Also Duck Season, DJ Babu's mix tape album thing is nice as are the Superrappin' albums (altho some of these are a few years old now!)

    Premier Icon DezB

    Some good recommendations above – Doom, Atmosphere etc.
    But you have to check out Blue Sky Black Death – varied and brilliant.
    Nocando is the number 1 at the moment though – theres a great video on YouTube.
    Then there's Mike Ladd, apparently a new Infesticons release is on the horizon, but check out Nostalgialator album.
    I could go on, but Lady GaGa is on J Ross and she's nuts.


    Not entirely sure what I think of his music, but I was quite taken with the description of Gonjasufi as being like "Method Man aged 95".

    I, er, agree with Mr Agreeable – digging for old stuff (or old stuff you'd kinda forgotten about…) is still très rewarding. Besides, much that is great in Hip-Hop has been about looking back, asmuch as forward.

    And another vote for MF Doom.

    tops 5

    Not new but the stuff off the (now defunct) Grand Central label has that jazzy intelligent vibe like J5.

    Look for Aim, Tony D, Only Child, Rae and Christian – most tracks are instrumental but the ones with guest rappers on are corkers!

    Also Funky Fresh Few, Jigmastas and Afu Ra.

    Aim is still going strong on his own A.T.I.C label – Crowhead's "born with teeth" album on A.T.I.C has some killer hip hop on it.

    PS Aim's "the omen" is a must for any Diamond D fans!


    Lovin the common! Totally forgot about that cat.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Gonjasufi as being like "Method Man aged 95".

    Gonja Sufi is a singer though. have a free sampler from the album.

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