Need a good band for a wedding in Kent (May)

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  • Need a good band for a wedding in Kent (May)
  • braddersrm

    Looking for a band for a wedding in Kent in May. I’ve done lots of searching through the usual sites and if I see another repertoire consisting of Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran and covers of Valerie and Mr Brightside then I may just call the whole thing off!

    Does anybody know anyone who works the south east and does something a little different, ie motown, jazz, dance music bands, indie stuff. A band that may incorporate a little brass or have a keyboard player too than just all thrashing the guitar and drums.

    It doesn’t have to be all these things, I’ll check them out if they’re is something about them then I’ll delve deeper!

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    😂 no help, but best of luck booking a band at such short notice…


    Ha yep, I know I haven’t made any of this easy for myself!


    These guys are near Brighton –
    Dudley does the Mega most years.


    Thanks snaps, this is more the kind of thing.

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    You need to find Mad Mick.  Booked him twice, hell of a Sax player and he’ll do you everything you want and will end on great party.

    Founf him, here:


    Gentlemen of Few, good bunch of young guys, play some Mumford and Sons stuff as well as their own, not really a wedding band but worth checking out.

    Ruddy Warman and the Heavyweather are worth a listen as well, again not sure they are wedding material but depends on the type of wedding.

    You did say you wanted something a bit different!!!!


    These guys are really good – not the usual wedding band fayre

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    I think these guys are based in York but they’ll probably travel.

    Check out some videos on YouTube – they’re different, lively and talented!  Not to everyone’s taste though…


    No Limits Street band. Find them on Facebook. Excellent fun and do a fair chunk of wedding/corporate work.


    Naked Bass: They do a bit of everything, they are awesome guys, and very good at what they do. Look them up on Facebook and tell them Mike (a.k.a. Ken) sent you.


    Thanks for all the suggestions. Looking into a couple of leads now.

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    Mr Brightside 

    We live in direct line of fire of a wedding marquee – the latest money-losing wheeze of the estate I live on.

    I can heartily recommend the band that plays there – not because they’re good, but because if they have to drive from Scotland to Kent to play at your wedding then I reckon thats at least two nights that I won’t have to listen to them ‘Murdering the Killers’ 🙂

    The Lost T Shirts of Atlantis used to be great when they performed in various Surrey high streets.

    I’d book them if they’re still around?



    Just sent you a message.

    Tom B

    A function band that does something slightly different than the usual wedding fayre… band innit. Not got many free dates left in May mind. Feel free to drop me a message though either via here or through the website.

    I am wholeheartedly recommend my mates band the Strumtroopers, who from what was basically a joke band have forged a fairly successful sideline career in playing weddings and such like through the summer.

    From their Bio – “The Strumtroopers are a multi-instrumental ukulele based covers band, specialising in irreverent re-imaginings of rock and pop classics from ABBA to The Specials.​”

    Genius. Also probably booked up but worth a punt if you want something a bit different.


    My old neighbour (Essex based) is in this band – heard them at a party and really enjoyed their stuff:

    If I was getting married again I would book them!


    Very good (their singer, Natalie, is also a Crossfit coach in my gym).



    Can’t recommend these guys enough (as long as you’re down with 2tone and ska)

    Premier Icon edhornby

    google ‘Mr Wilson’s Second Liners’

    they are awesome and as a working musician myself I don’t often recommend other people !

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