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  • uselesshippy

    Stop being paranoid.
    Your worrying about a silly little plastic gun, but how many people get stabbed every year.

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    interfereswithbadgers – Member

    Have you ever even used a firearm? You don’t ever here of anyone going crazy with a smooth bore single shot .22lr either. A big **** off gurkha kukri is a more useful weapon.

    Perhaps. But it’s a pretty different psychological challenge to point and click and make someone 20 feet away fall down, compared to running up to someone and stabbing them.

    You couldn’t hit someone reliably at 20 feet with that thing, it doesn’t even have a proper barrel.

    Again, crossbow = far more effective.

    This is being blown way out of proportion.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Sure, it’s very short barrelled but that seems like it’s a specific of this design rather than a limitation of the concept.

    Crossbow, again, good luck sticking it in your pocket.

    You can hide them under a trenchcoat.

    It’s a limitation of the material, plastic doesn’t make good barrels for I hope quite obvious reasons. If you put a proper barrel on it then you have to start doing things like barrel truing so you don’t blow your hands off.

    Again, where are children going to get access to ammo from? And tell me why they don’t have access to proper firearms if they have access to the ammo.


    There was a recent link I saw describing how to make plastic 30-round magazines for 5.56 and .223 AR15 rifles, using a 3D printer. I’m not an engineer or machinist, so not something I would attempt, but read through it—–sure didn’t look like a very sturdy magazine or one I would be comfortable using.


    Glocks being invisable to airport x-ray 🙂

    Diehard movie, Bruce Willis, that statement in that film caused a lot of problems as it was pure fiction made up by hollywood that was jumped on by the media.

    But that means the magazine fed automatic crossbow in Van Helsing can’t be true either 🙂

    Would have that over a light saber, even though i could chop wood with a light saber, be less hassle than an axe.

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    interfereswithbadgers – Member

    Again, where are children going to get access to ammo from? And tell me why they don’t have access to proper firearms if they have access to the ammo.

    Sorry, didn’t pick that up as it’s been covered already- many places control guns but don’t have tight controls on ammunition, the idea being that you control the hardware not the consumables. So you need to do ID screening etc for a gun, but you can buy ammunition over the counter.

    Not many places in Europe though, in the states teenagers can just get older acquaintances to buy hand guns or steal them off their parents….hence the many school shootings.

    Premier Icon aracer

    Not many places in Europe though

    Not even the UK? I’m no expert, but this was suggested earlier:

    TuckerUK – Member
    Both (the majority of) bullets and cartridge cases are unlicensed and can be bought across the counter (yes, even here in the UK at any gun shop).

    No, you can only purchase the amount and type of live FAC ammunition (including primers) agreed on in your certificate and you have to produce your permit.

    Fat lot you guys know about shooting.

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    Northwind – Member
    “epicyclo – Member
    I doubt that gun would be able to use a large caliber bullet, in which case you could probably do more damage with a bow and arrow…”

    Really? The danger/usefulness of guns isn’t the amount of damage they do, it’s the ease with which they do it. I couldn’t hit a barn door with a bow and arrow. Nor keep one in my pocket.

    You won’t hit a barn door with that plastic gun either. The bow and arrow would be more accurate. An unstrung bow with arrows is simply a bunch of sticks – we’re not talking fletched English warbows here, more a short range weapon for close use (just like the gun).

    I can make one able to inflict serious wounds in about 2 hours (and have used them in the bush for knocking off rabbits for the pot). Most of that time is tempering the ends of the arrows with fire to make the point iron hard.

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