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  • May I ? WORST bit of bike clothing ?
  • jota180

    Pretty much every pair of gloves I’ve used from a number of brands. Why can’t anyone make a glove with a durable finger tip area that doesn’t split or wear through way before the rest shows much wear?



    Premier Icon twotonpredator

    endura humvee shorts. the seat wore through in record time.

    endura superlite shorts. the waterproof membrane wore through after 2 rides!

    the endura singletrack shorts and endura helium jacket are great however.

    Premier Icon FOG

    I too am a sealskin sock hater, it feels as if your foot is in a carboard box squeezed in a shoe. My riding budy however swears by them and only rides without them for about three weeks a year. My daughter in law has some of the new ones and she says they are a lot more comfortable but not much more waterproof.

    Buffs and their clones. Bought one, wore it for about 2 minutes, gave it away. Horrible around my neck, sweaty, itchy and a right faff to take off.

    I just do up the collar on my jacket, which covers the same area. And can be undone whilst riding along when I get too hot.


    They don’t want gloves last or it wouldn’t be much of a business lets face it they only designed to make you feel you get money’s worth , I like sealskinz and most altura products seem better than most , most bike gear exspensive tho

    Sealskinz much hated here. Only so long before they go in a 40C wash which destroys them.

    I wouldn’t be without a buff in my camelbak. Love them.


    I recently bought a pair of Castelli mid winter gloves, they’re thinner and yet wind proof, but the stitching splits easy and I wore mine 4 times and the thumb/palm and first fingers on both gloves have spit.
    They’re going back and I’ve already replaced them with some deep winter gloves from Spec.


    bjj.andy.w – Member
    Sealskin socks.

    second that …utter crap

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves. Great warranty service, useless product.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    simons_nicolai-uk – Member

    Sealskinz much hated here. Only so long before they go in a 40C wash which destroys them.

    Er… Bad workman, etc.

    I’ve got 2 pairs, one of them’s gone a bit wrong as I dried them on a radiator, the other pair which I look after correctly- which isn’t hard at all- are still going strong. Least shocking thing ever, follow the instructions and they work.


    2) Endura Humvee’s shorts – Just rubbish, which is weird considering I love the Endura Singlestrack shorts and the discontinued Endura Burner shorts.

    Didn’t last a single ride, zip went, it came away from the shorts. And the liner, what a token effort; some lycra sewn to a bit of sponge.

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Not a complete item in particular but waist poppers on shorts that ping undone all the time both Endura and Altura seem to suffer this, one popper is a crap way to fasten shorts, my Royal ones that have a proper clasp are great
    Also +1 race face aquanot exactly same issues with zip and breathability, on one merinos and sealskins

    Also 661 veggie knee pads, medium too small, large too big, seams come unstitched and then rub back of your legs red raw


    Almost every bit of endura kit i’ve bought in the last 2 years.

    The gloves with a big ruck of material in the palm that caused callouses.
    The 2 pairs of shorts that split in 2 weeks at the same place whilst on tour.
    The waterproof jacket that wasn’t.
    The shorts that popped open whenever I moved whilst being worn around the house (and no I’m not a biffer).

    One thing has been excellent and that’s the older singletrack shorts with the integral belt.

    Unless I can find another pair of them they’ve had the last of my cash.


    Not a complete item in particular but waist poppers on shorts that ping undone all the time both Endura and Altura seem to suffer this, one popper is a crap way to fasten shorts

    So I’m not alone then!

    Premier Icon iain1775

    Not only are you not alone but we post the same thing simultaneously!

    Premier Icon ratadog

    My on-one merino is going fine as well.

    Dare2B stuff, nominally in my size but only if I was deformed. Shorts were particularly badly cut.

    As a clydesdale, all those manufacturers who believe that an XXL is a 32 inch waist, 36 inch chest.


    3rd waist press studs. Useless…… Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or have a gut, they pop open


    Howies Ventile jeans – utter rubbish, sold as waterproof riding jeans. The fit was good but they sounded like they were made from paper and when it rained you got wet very quickly.


    I’m gonna ad my Endura Gilet I got a few years ago. Just too tight a fit and the wind seems to cut through it easily.

    I was surprised to see Howies stuff on this list. Ive never owned any of their stuff but they seem good and look good.

    Premier Icon Sanny

    Pretty much anything Endura.

    Event three quarters where the seam rubbed against my saddle causing the arse to fall out of them in double quick time. I used Gorilla tape as a fix when the fabric tore as it was paper thin but gave up in the end.

    Endura waterproof gloves – right up to the point you squeeze the brakes in the rain and can feel the water seeping in at the fingers.

    Several pairs of bib longs that my wife didn’t even get to ride in as the stitching didn’t join the seams.

    Bib longs where the chamois split at the seam – the outer fabric was still in good nick but the chamois was a dead loss.

    A waterproof jacket that wasn’t.

    Leg warmers that despite being large cut into my thighs. I don’t have Chris Hoy legs hence I tend not to use them.

    On the flip side, I have a pair of Singletrack shorts which are still going….probably because they look suspiciously like a direct copy of my old Sugoi Shorts.

    Just back from a ride in the snow where all my gear worked really well…..I’d like to be able to support a UK company but their kit has just failed too many times unfortunately.

    Pearl Izumi Cyclone gloves

    Bizarre. I’d have those as one of my best. Have a really old pair, bought a newer design to wear if ones in the wash. Get worn every day through most of winter and still both in good condition.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Houns – Member

    3rd waist press studs. Useless…… Doesn’t matter if you’re skinny or have a gut, they pop open

    I have… Mmm, I think 6 pairs of altura shorts with poppers? And a Royal pair as well. Never had any of them pop open, and kind of at a loss why they would unless you have them done up too tight.


    “Another vote for O-O merino jerseys. Mine’s now suitable for an 8 yr old. “

    mine is actually now being worn by an 8yr old, started life as a XXL 😯

    Premier Icon jimmy

    Didn’t used to like Sealskinz but recently started wearing a pair I got in the sales last year and they’re pretty decent so. Also Howies merino tops have been my best.

    I did once have a pair of sealskinz gloves but the inners were sewn in short on one thumb so took them back for exchange. Every other pair in my size had the same problem (maybe I have a long thumb?! No, I don’t…). Made me laugh how the well-abused-on-STW chain-of-lbs staff just hung them back up ready for the next punter…

    Otherwise, Aldi overshoes. Garbage. LITERALLY!!!!1

    +1 for Sealskinz socks, and howies merino (although I wear it as a plain black casual top now, and it’s quite smart).

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