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  • miner29er

    I’d love to meet this guy who gets his wife to pack his kit. He must be one very attentive husband… or a newly-wed. I bet she does his butties for him too. If he complains to her about the leg/arm warmer mix-up he’ll be sorting himself out in future – mark my words.

    Premier Icon sefton

    hi ben, no I was stuck in a black civic 🙄

    Was me with the single knee and single arm warmer combo 😳
    Looking like a triathalope!

    Truth be know, she was helping me pack, well when I say help i.e mithering me to death after she had been on the sherry Saturday night at daft o’clock saying I don’t need this, I need that etc. So she caused the confusion when I said I did not require knee warmers but arm warmers it went wrong from there. She needs to keep out of my kit bag. 😀


    Hello everyone,

    I’m one of the event organisers, Will. You may have chatted to me via email or in the carpark, I was the bedraggled looking bloke with the rubbish beard. I’m not a forum user but I figured I’d put up a post to explain why we organised it, what it was for etc.

    We’re currently on a sports course (but in Outdoor sport) and one of our modules is “Events” where we are to organise an event. In recent years, small events have taken place where just other students are involved but we wanted to push the boat (bike) out a bit!

    As students, we aren’t operating a commercial enterprise and as such any profit will be split between the Trust (to cover the costs of toilets etc) and the Craven College Student Hardship fund, which provides for students who fall on hard times (not being able to afford the bus, or groceries etc).

    Unfortunately, the weather was definitely not on our side, with a lot of very cold faces and hands riding through that gate at the end of the first loop! As outdoor students, we understand that when you’re wet, cold, and miserable, it can be difficult to maintain a cheerful demeanor, and we didn’t hold it against anybody who wanted to throw a few swear words around.

    I do understand there was some problems with signage. As the person that organised those signs, I take responsibility for this, and I’m very sorry. There were a few that I suspect blew away, but alas they should have been tied down better. Laminated, clearer maps would have additionally been useful, as would making available a .gpx file of the route beforehand. We will endeavor to keep that in mind for future events.

    I’d like to say well done to those who completed both loops – and well done to those who made it back! I wasn’t particularly envious of you guys on the ride up from Arncliffe cote – that hill in a headwind must have been a nightmare.

    My next day in college, where I will have access to the times, websites etc, will be Wednesday, where I will try and get all the results together and post them on

    I will also do the same with the pictures we got, which I will put in a gallery. We’ll also find out the fastest time and send them their little trophy.

    It’d really help me with my coursework if anybody who has a spare 5 minutes could fill in a quick survey I’ve made here:
    You don’t need to register or put in any details, just fill it in. All questions are optional.

    Also a quick plug for the guy who donated our first place prizes:

    We know the weather was absolutely appalling and I’m a bit gutted about that, but we hope you managed to eek some enjoyment out of the day!

    If anyone has any comments, questions, etc, please feel free to email or me directly at

    Thanks for attending guys it made months of planning worth it!

    MTTA Team

    Cheers Will, as I have stated before good event and well organisation, only to be severely hampered by the grim weather which spoilt it some what.

    Hope you organise it for next year(and organise better weather), signage was an issue but again due to it being a bit windy they could have gone anywhere.

    I have been winding people up on the other thread about racing etc. Not aimed at your organisation or any others, just some sticks in the mud on this forum.

    Will do the survey later.

    Thanks for organising it.

    Aye Will, good work. When I left Leeds there were blue skies and I think a few of us learnt a lesson about being better prepared for the ever changing weather on high ground.

    Will do the survey later and hope it happens again next year when they’ll be a thread on here full of people moaning they were too hot in their three thermal tops and waterproof jacket 😉


    Cheers Will. I didn’t do the event, but it’s fantastic to hear that it was being done as part sports course. Well done all for coming up with such an idea.

    Premier Icon rsvktm

    Thanks again Will. We’ll fill in your survey.

    At least we were moving, special mention must go the poor souls abandoned on the hills to fend for themselves marshalling for hours. Now that must have been grim… I was concerned that Jane had gone out for the second loop, so yes I was the mad bugger that cycled back along the route after finishing to make sure she was ok only to find her more than happy after changing into dry kit at the mid point.

    Peter and Jane. In the black van chatting to you at the end.

    Premier Icon Vortexracing

    Well done Will, was great and well organised, will be up for it next year.

    Hopefully it will be on again. Weather was the only real downer,

    Survey will be filled in later this evening, thanks again for all your hardwork


    Aye Peter, I remember you guys.

    Thanks for filling in the survey ladies and gents.

    I’ve emailed Finance to put in a procurement order for a “Giant Sunshine Machine” but I’m not sure it’ll be in our budget 😉


    Alright Will – Nicely done on the event, I for one really enjoyed it. For £7, you can’t really complain, but either way, it was awesome fun battling through the wind and rain! Yeah, the weather wasn’t great, but it is England we live in after all. Really looking forward to next year, keep up the good work mate!


    Premier Icon dawson

    survey completed – well done for having a go and organising such an event.


    I completed both loops in what I strongly suspect was the slowest time of the day, about 4 hours 26mins on an entry level hardtail 26er. It was my first race. I only went wrong once on route on the second part. My main issues with the route itself aside from minimal signage was the amount of road and the lack of technical tracks although, The second loop was far better than the first especially the last track over the tops. I don’t know if this is normal with xc racing but I didn’t enjoy it much it makes it all a bit boring. The event was low-key but relatively well organsed though and I have filled in the survey. Unsure on weather to do it again next year. I don’t think racing is for me. Thanks for the kitkat though lol


    Hi Guys

    This years event entry is now open on XC Racer.

    This year there are 150 rider places instead of 100 and we have a
    new event team, new HQ, new timing system and overall will be bigger and better than last year (reflected in the price hike )and we’ll hopefully have some better weather.

    Get signed up and ride on!!

    the Track Attack Team

    Premier Icon dawson

    ooo tempted to try this again and hope to complete, rather than abandoning – surely the weather can’t can’t be as bad this year? Can it? CAN IT!!???

    Edit: it says to check website for more information – but site is down or doesn’t exist?


    Hi @dawson

    Website address is now rather than .com.
    And I’m gonna put my neck on the line and say that the weather can’t be worse than last year (touch wood).


    Premier Icon dawson

    Hi Matt – thanks for the update


    The price for this years race has been reduced to £15!! We realised it was a bit high but we still need more entries to make it viable to run. Cmon guys help us out, nice ride, good company and some friendly competition!!

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