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  • Lightest 15mm front hub?
  • Rik

    Following on from the other thread on rear hubs.

    I have a few nice rear hubs (dt240) but never bothered going any higher spec than hope pro2 on the front due to the crazy cost of dt240 front hubs that don’t seem to be much lighter.

    What’s the lightest 15mm front hub out there?

    Hopefully one that doesn’t cost the earth (don’t mind paying for quality but not money no object) but is still a good bit lighter than Pro2s

    Apparently A2Z front hubs can be converted with american classic end caps and 15mm i.d bearings as the shell’s are the same.


    Are A2Z hubs the eBay ones?

    If they say a2z then yep. Think I found mine cheeper elsewhere though.

    About to do a 15mm conversion so will do and update once I’m sure what addapters fit.


    As well as the Mack Superlight you are looking at:
    Extralite (2 versions) 76g and 85g
    Tune 92g
    Syntace HiTorque MX 99g
    Carbon-Ti 110g
    DT Swiss 180 Ceramic (centrelock) 123g
    DT Swiss 240 130g
    American Classic 130g

    There isn’t too much weight to be saved in a front hub between the lightest options but a Hope Pro II is roughly 190g so some decent weight to be saved. When you come to need a new front wheel it is hard to beat an A2Z or American Classic hub on the Stans rim of your choice for value and lightness 😀


    Thanks for the info – I actually bought one not on your list.

    Betd/Goldtec 15mm AM hub – 100g dead in weight and not too expensive either.
    Will be mated to a DT 240s rear with Super Comp spokes to Stans rims but with brass nipples (no way am I using alloy ones again).

    Should be 1600g 650b AM wheel set that is very strong and wide but light

    I’ve had goldtech hubs before, the quality’s top notch.


    I would be very surprised if it was really 100g based on the low price and comparative weight of other more exotic competitors… but if it is- bargain 😀


    Using Bor hubs,so same weight as Tune.
    Stans Arch ex 650b rims
    D-light spokes
    Brass nipples


    Did you manage to convert your A2Z front hub to 15mm? What adapters did you use?

    I bought mine already converted, the problem is that end caps are not fixed to the hub itself. They fall out each time I remove the axle and take the wheel out. And I do it quite often because I have a fork-mounted Thule OutRide carrier.

    Is it the same with your hub?

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