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  • d45yth

    Goes for a swim to wash it off of course! 😆

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    washes it in a river, then wipes it off on a wildebeest 🙄


    When a friend’s 3 year old asked him why CBBC presenter Cerrie Burnell only has one arm, he was told that ‘that’s what happens to people that are naughty..’ 😕


    As parents we pass on our knowledge, experience and wisdom to our children. We feed and clothe them and answer questions they have about their surroundings. Tonight i let my 4yr old child down when i couldn’t answer the following question.
    “what does a crocodile do if it gets poo on its nose?”

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    OP – classic!

    Premier Icon molgrips

    Actually, I’m quite an expert in this. I wrote a thesis on crocodilian rhinofaecism when I was at university



    I taught my nephews to tell my Bro-in-law that ‘it’s not rocket science’ every time he can’t do something.

    He loves me for it!

    Premier Icon uphillcursing

    When mine were 4\5 ish I taught them about the Were Rabbits that inhabited rural Northumberland.

    Said Rabbits only lived in certain spots but were nasty, vicious things that attacked and ate the left leg only. Only way to fool them was to hop on your right leg so they thought they had already claimed you as a victim.

    SWMBO was not impressed when she found out.


    Q: What does a crocodile do if it gets poo on its nose?

    A: Anything it wants. It’s a crocodile and hasn’t changed genetically for 100 million years because it doesn’t need to and couldn’t be bothered.


    Dont worry, it comes to us all, it was about age 5 that each of mine finally managed to catch me out and disprove my ‘because daddy know everything’ proposition. But i’m still the ‘one who fixes things in this house’, and ‘more fun than mummy’, so happy days 😀


    having experienced family members try to explain things like how electricity works from power generation, through transmission, the national grid and coming out of your plug socket…. to a three-year old… I will be taking the more imaginative line and saying it’s magic and that it comes out of the Queen’s ears when she farts, or something.

    Premier Icon dday

    I would have thought that said crocodile would simply smell bad?


    My four year old on the school run this morning blurted out, ” If I call Jesus, will he come to me?” (he’s at a catholic school and understandably they are pretty big on the religious education side of things). I wound the window down and said “give it a go”.

    Cue the next five minutes of him hollering at anything going past “JEEEEEEEZUUUUUS!” It was ace! We were both nearly weeing ourselves!!

    It was also “go to school dressed as a pirate day” too so he looked even more bonkers!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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