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  • user-removed

    It’s mini-removed’s birthday very soon and we’ve been offered a 12″ Huffy for just £20. They look alright but I just wondered if they weigh the same as a planet?

    Any other options considered [/stealth-ad]

    Premier Icon wiggles

    In a word…. No

    At 12″ I would stick with a balance bike or get a 14″ pedal bike like a frog 43


    They are or at least were junk of the highest order, supermarket crap.


    Much as I expected then. He’s already on a cheapy balance bike and there’s just no way we can afford a Frog / Islabike right now. Really want to get him learning how to pedal so we may be stuck with this or similar. Just don’t want to put him off cycling for life!

    The fact that Huffy tossing exists tells you all you need to know .


    If a girl this!! Gyrobike

    I am about to sell my lads Gyrobike (no gyro ironically). Converts from balance to pedal, weighs naff all and has a front brake (can take a rear if needed). Both my boys learned on it and it is still in good shape I would recommend them. Friends have had them too and they stood up to 2 kids usage.


    Well, we bought it anyway – looks brand new, weighs less than my bike and it sparkles in the sun, which is all a child could ask for.

    Everything is loose and ungreased so I have a good excuse to spend a few hours in the shed.

    I grew up riding a Raleigh Pavemaster which was genuinely heavier than me so I think we’ll be ok.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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