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  • Kick boxing kit for the nipper. Where from and which make ect…?
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    contact sports for kids……tut tut tut
    be carefull, the pc brigade will be along soo to tell you off….. 😉


    Local bargain pages. We kitted our lad out with gloves, headguard and foot pads for less than a fiver…

    Yep it so she can batter all the little kids at school…in style. 😯

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    but remember what mcnasty say's……' violence is not the answer' 😉


    Blitz stuff is good and quite reasonable. blitz


    my son does taekwondo and uses kit made by mu-sa based in barnsley, charlie is a nice bloke and kit is good quality etc

    The daughter needs some kick boxing kit, gloves, shin pads and kick boots. Any where on line as the local "sports" (I use the term very loosely) shops are shite.

    There's plenty on that there tinternet but any recommendations would be gratefully received.


    Any more for any more.?

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    Most clubs will supply kit, usually at a reasonable price. Alternatively ask the other parents if there is any kit availalbe that other kids have grown out of.

    Topstar used to make pucker kit back in the day. Not sure they're around any more though.

    It used to be vastly superior to Blitz stuff.


    2nd local freeads the pages are choc with 2nd hand kit


    I am a kickboxer and use Blitz kit (because I am cheap). Top Ten are pretty much the best for headguards and protection. Gloves I would choose would be any Thai make – Sandee, Twins etc.

    Check on the weight of glove that the club allow for sparring – I use 10oz gloves to spar but they should really be 12oz or 14oz. My son has 6oz gloves I think (bought when he was 9) which he spars with.

    I got my stuff from a shop in south Manchester who have an online shop (CKA Martial Arts) but I get a lot of my kit from Sugar Ray's online although I think they are more boxing orientated.

    Anyway – Blitz would do fine (PU gloves are cheaper than leather and work fine). Also worth looking at Decathlon, if you have one near you.


    And don't forget the gumshield – I would use a basic ShockDoctor (sp?)…


    Whatever you do, don't cut corners on the head guard – I have a "top ten" one that's very good indeed. I had a cheapo one before and it really didn't work too well.

    I think martial arts are great for kids – did Shotokan karate from 8 years old and really enjoyed it. Then moved to kickboxing later in life.

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