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  • Kashima, FIT, both, or neither..?
  • LoCo

    SKF seals make a lot of difference on their own, FIT damper a lot better than open bath unit. If the stantions need replacing due to wear to for the kashima coated replacements.


    id say the fit bit is worth it… jury still out on the kashima.

    EDIT: and send them to him^^^^ 😉


    Upgrading could cost you the nearly the same as a new pair of forks (along with the service).

    I have two fox, both with FIT but only one with with kashima. The kashima feels a lot smoother.

    The Fox’s I had were 2010 and 2008 floats, and the FIT is much better IMO.

    I’d be tempted to sell your forks and buy some new RS forks instead and save future service hassle.

    Premier Icon snownrock

    Surely you could shop around and buy a new set of forks for the cost of these upgrades?

    I was quoted £315 for a new Kashima crown steerer unit, for my 2010 RLC’s after damaging my stanchions. I got a new set of RS SID’s instead for £260 off the classifieds. Fox are lovely, but crazy money and very high maintenance.

    2011 Talas ready for a service and I’m tempted to ‘upgrade’.

    Are the Kashima or FIT upgrades worth the money? The forks are 150 travel (Scott Genius) and have always been great, though I’ve read some good stuff about the gold coating and the new damper.


    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    Just changed my Fox Float 150 forks for a new Pike.
    The Pike makes the Foxs feel like a wet noodle.

    How much is the FIT upgrade?

    i have 2 bikes with fox forks, one old open bath one FIT.
    The FIT damper feels very nice on the fast small bump stuff. I would say go for it, depending on cost.
    As mentioned above may be better spent on new forks from one of the many sales.

    150mm float RL`s at freeborn for £350 sounds a better bet then £260 for used forks!



    Does kashima really make that much difference? IME not really. Looks bling though.

    Premier Icon pedlad

    I think loco has on several occasions in these threads stated how much difference the low friction seal make……….and been pretty quiet on the topic of the coating. All the people upgrading their stantions to spangly kashima are also getting the new seals so they won’t be able to judge which bit if the upgrade makes the big difference. I’m going with the man that knows about these things and trying the relatively cheap seal swap first.

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    I spoke to a guide about the 34mm 15mm QR Kashimas he was running opposed to the Marzocchi 20mm he had the year before and if the 34s made a difference. His first answer was:

    “I don’t know if it makes a difference, but it looks good. That’s what really matters isn’t it?”

    His honest answer? He couldn’t tell much of a difference, but reckoned he’d prefer the 20mm bolt through from the Marzochchis.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    on the 34’s they feel stiff enough, not going to take some mental rock gardens quite on par with the 36’s but good enough for most people and terrain. Exactly what Fox needed something between the mini DH world of the 36 and the XC end of the 32’s Having ridden 34 FIT Kashima and non Kashima recently I think they are a little more buttery.

    Oh and they look great…


    FIT damper is definitely a worthy upgrade. It’s noticeably better. It’s hard to judge or quantify the kashima benefit as any fork I’ve tried it on has been of a higher spec anyway.

    SKF seals make a lot of difference on their own

    I found that they made such a difference that I now need to find a way to add more compression damping to my open bath 32s!

    £521 for both the FIT and Kashima (including service).

    The stanchions are in good condition so I wouldn’t ‘need’ Kashima, though it does look good…

    £320 for just the damper.

    £119 for a service.

    I’d be tempted to go for new forks, though I’m not sure what options I’d have in terms of 150, travel adjust, non tapered and quick release (not sure the hubs are compatible with any of the bolt through systems, haven’t checked).


    If you’re payin that much for forks, I’d definatly get a new front wheel with a 15mm axle, as 150 and qr is a bit flexy tbh.

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