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  • iPhone handlebar mounts – anyone using them ?
  • drlex

    FWIW, have the Topeak Ridecase mounts – one stem on road, handlebar on MtB. Been fine; can use the stem one to video rides, but not only would you be unable to see screen when riding, it would make the iPhone way more vulnerable if you had a major off & bike flipped.


    I’ve got one of the Topeak drycases and the few times i’ve used it it’s been fine.

    For some stupid reason though they fit the back with a hinged belt clamp (does anybody still wear their phone on their belt!!??) which rattles constantly on anything but the smoothest of surfaces. I popped a bit of foam in the clamp though and that kept it quiet.

    I have mine on the stem which i think would keep it fairly safe in anything but a massive off.

    Premier Icon simon_g

    I have one from these guys that I use on my motorbike – works fine. http://www.ultimate-mobiles.co.uk/

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    I use a similar one to simon_g here:


    £27.99 from http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0057FJ41Y

    Quick release (press button, leave mount on bike and phone case lifts off)
    Secure (two double clips hold case shut)
    Protective (phone is held inside a nice soft rubbery bit)
    Rugged enough (dropped it a few times without issue)
    Usable (all buttons and ports available through case)
    Waterproof enough (happy to use it in pouring rain. Wouldn’t actually use it underwater though)

    I’ve modified mine slightly by disabling the rotating mechanism (with a bit of epoxy) and adding some inner tube rubber on the handlebar mount to stop it spinning.

    Quite happy with it now.


    does anyone use the lifeproof case and mount?


    Fancy having Strava on the handlebars for when I’m road training.

    Any recommendations on a good mount?


    Thanks for the suggestions. They certainly seem more substantial than the eBay ones i looked at this morning.

    Like the idea of the Amazon one where its hinged and locks the iPhone in.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    does anyone use the lifeproof case and mount?

    Yep, I think they’re good. The case is great apart from the waterproof headphone adaptor which is a pain in the backside – it should be a scew-in stub, not an irritating flying lead as it is. Otherwise a quality bit of kit.

    The bar mount’s good too, though I wouldn’t use it on a mountain bike, where you’re likely to crash at some point. Easy to use quick release mounting system, 360? rotation for the phone, positive locking mechanism holding the phone in case.

    Not cheap, but preserves the functionality of the phone, gives decent protection levels and isn’t hugely bulky either.

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