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  • I'm getting two new (to me) dogs tomorrow!
  • ssbnreso

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    George the Wookie

    Did i mention that my son in the photo is 7ft tall 😉

    Premier Icon Woody

    Ace. They look well at home already. I’m sure they’ll be very happy with you and vice versa 😀


    Nice looking dogs 😀


    Lovely looking dogs there Karin! Dot looks a little puzzled by the state of things, but Teddy has the look of fun and borderline madness in his eye! I’m guessing that when he can be roused from the sofa, he’ll be trouble!

    Good on you for giving those lovely dogs a home by the way. Really well done.

    Premier Icon DezB

    Really happy for you Karin. Marvellous looking pair of long-legged hounds you’ve got yerself! 🙂


    Dot and Teddy. What a fine pair of dogs!!!
    Congratulations. You must be really pleased with them.

    Now, who’s sleeping on the sofa then?



    Dot looks very sweet and pretty. Teddy looks an absolute beast who doesn’t give two sh*ts about anything 🙂

    Great stuff.


    Here’s some more of my terrible photos taken on a mobile phone: Teddy is such a sweet boy, in fact they are both really affectionate, lovely, it’s lovely to cuddle them *is happy*

    They are both crashed out at the mo’ – on their own bed too!


    Coolio. 😀
    *is happy for you*

    Premier Icon Andy

    Used to have a deal with a fellow dog walker that he would take my Staffy and I would take his ex-racing greyhound for weekends. Amber stayed with me a few times and soon became an honory staffy – following my dog, Sky, round the park and doing the same things. Funny to watch the two of them together. Amber was fed on some bulk wierd stuff (3-1 dry to water) and would hoover it up. Even Sky stopped eating to watch with a WTF expression! Amber would pen knife herself into Skys bed as well.

    One of the nicest, most placid and inteligent dogs I have ever met. Great company. Was funny to watch her run though. She would suddenly take off and fly round the park for 5 mins and that was it. Seeing a greyhound run is amazing.

    They look great Karin and looks like you are going to have a lot of fun 😀

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Check out those hounds! 😀

    Really pleased they’re settling in and that you’re enjoying them! But Karin, seriously, dogs on beds??? With those long legs???

    Pleae keep us posted with new pics and some action shots would be terrific!

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Well done Karin, really happy for you.

    Wish we could have dogs. One day.


    Thanks ooo.

    There won’t be any action shots for some time, I am following advice (yes, there’s a first time for everything) from the rehoming kennels which is under no circumstances let them off the lead. They have to get to know me, learn recall – remember these dogs have never had any obedience training, I have to know what they are like with small dogs and animals, and it has to be an enclosed area as they have no road sense. I feel bad but I am anthropomorphising, actually it is very good for them to have me directing their behaviour, will make them feel safe and that I am in control (the pack leader).

    At the kennels they are fed on kibble which is soaked. It goes into a revolting spongy mess. This is why their teeth go bad (no chomping/chewing). So, they are learning to eat unsoaked crunchy kibble. Dot seems to be willing to eat anything, Ted more fussy so I dribbled the sunflower oil out of some tinned mackerel over their meals. Job done. Ted’s gums are a bit red in places where they meet his teeth, and he has bad breath so in addition to the hard kibble, I’ve got some dentastix. Once they’ve settled in a bit I’ll start cleaning their teeth, and if his gums don’t resolve soon we’ll get off to the vet.

    They are asleep on their beds just now – lovely 🙂 I’m going to sleep too.

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