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  • IBS sufferers – anyone tried Symprove or similar?
  • Premier Icon johnhe

    Never heard of it, but it sounds fantastic.


    Almost too good to be true?

    “resets your system in 3 months”.

    Any flare up I’d have would have long gone by that length of time

    Iirc one guy from here with chronic ibs had amazing results with amitriptyline


    I’m very wary of things which appear too good to be true, but wondered whether any folks on here have tried this stuff and noted any benefits?

    TBH support via medics is around anti-spasmodics and potentially Amitrityline if things don’t settle down, but willing to give anything a try.

    Premier Icon johnhe

    I use Citalopram which is fantastic and has enabled me to get my life back. I found IBS totally crippling and was going to have it change my job, which involves a lot of flying. Then came along Citalopram and things improved immeasurably . I’m not impressed about being on an anti depressant long term though. But when I tried to come off them, within a month or two, the IBS was back, just like before.


    had hideous ibs for the last 15yrs or so, tried every spasmodic etc diet changes all to no avail, got prescribed nortriptyline (sp?) and its been a revelation, within a short space of time i suffered no cramps at all (which used to leave me crying on the floor several times a day) no runny poos etc in my case its been a wonder drug…


    +1 for amytryptiline , have had ibs for around 10 years and tried a whole range of tablets and diet changes including peppermint tablets ( which when they go straight through ya is not pleasant !!) and eventually got prescribed with amytryptiline and never looked back , still have the odd bad day but nowhere near as bad as before , also have a mate who takes the same and he has had great results from them .


    What have you tried diet wise?

    For me cereal with yoghurt in the morning had to go, the difference was night & day, it was just narrowing it down to the items that caused the trouble. Innocent things like healthy breakfasts are not good for everyone. 🙂

    Not tried anything else so cannot comment on the OP but thought I should share what I found.

    Premier Icon footflaps

    I’m not impressed about being on an anti depressant long term though.

    I take Citalopram long term for anxiety. It’s not that uncommon to take it for life, amazing drug – gave me my life back after a rather unpleasant nervous breakdown 5 years ago.


    I just live with it, had it 20 years now and doesn’t matter what I eat as everything and anything could trigger bouts of diahorrea, although Pizza is often pretty problematic. As long as I know its just ibs and not bowel cancer I’m not too concerned with it.


    Have you actually seen a good gastroenterologist? My road riding buddy is one and I have no doubt he could sort you out, his knowledge of the human gut is on a plane several times higher than that of a GP.

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