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  • I want the snip. Would you go private or NHS?
  • b r

    FFS stop been a poof, just lay down and watch – they even offered me the 'evidence' to take home if I wanted to.

    As said, wait for the -ve and then you can bang away bareback – obviously need to increase the sheet washing rota a smidge 😉


    As I suspect I am in a very small minority who's had it done twice, first under local and second under general, I don't think the discomfort of the tugging is really worth the hassle of a general.

    Just make sure your surgeon can tie a decent knot cos it is a bit silly having it done a second time!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    slash and burn's the way to go (as long as you can stand the temporary sizzling noise and smell of bacon). Doesn't rely then on someone's knot skills. Although of course, nothing is 100.00% reliable, tubes can rejoin, etc.

    As for the "must have a general" crew. It's odd how different folks take this. It wasn't an issue for me, whereas when I had to have a toenail excised for an ingrowing nail problem, no way was I going to be there for that. It might have tickled and everything!

    Although it is odd listening to the banter between surgeon and nurses as she (it was a she) was making free and easy with your little mate.

    Edric 64

    Mine was grim done by a lesbian with pinking shears I had black bollocks and was in agony for weeks

    One of the funniest threads on here for a while. 😆

    Not interested in having my undercarriage modified in any way, thank you very much. It's still as nature intended and I for one am keen to keep it that way. None of this "rummaging" and "bacon smells" for me!


    I had mine done about 18 years ago, the wife took me and they gave her a cup of tea as I was going in for the op, I was back before she finished her tea.
    Don't do what a mate at work did; felt fine after the op so went out digging the garden in the afternoon, the next day his crown jewels where the size of two (black) oranges and he ended up having two weeks off work 😆

    Had mine done a couple of years ago. Mine must have been carried out by a magician.

    I have a severe phobia about needles etc so i had to be asleep for the job. It took them a hell of a job just getting me to relax enough to get a needle in my arm, never mind my nuts.

    I woke up and after a coffee and biscuit i asked if i was ok to drive home. I had mistakenly asumed i would be allowed. The wife had to get a taxi over to pick me and my motor up.

    24hrs and i was worried something was wrong as i had felt nothing. Put this down to the pills i had but made sure i 'cleaned' the pipes out before 24hrs were up just in case. All was well.

    After that i stopped the drugs as i dont like popping pills. I didnt have a moments discomfort and was riding my bike within 1 wk.

    I would rather have a vasectomy than visit the dentist.

    Oh and when trimming the area, i went for the full strangled turkey look. I started with a shaver razor and shaver but the longish hair was making it difficult. I then switched to a handfull of immac. What a mistake. I got more discomfort from that than getiing the snip. I had to jump into the bath which my wife had luckily just got out of.


    I'll just interject with a serious post –

    Not sure what else to do, the pill\hormone types caused problems for my partner and condoms can split.

    There are other methods available – IUD?

    Carry on!


    I never trust the health service 'professionals' to do any kind of invasive surgery on me, my family or my pets and always do it myself with the aid of medical manuals.


    I used a Haynes Manual, a sterilised Stanley knife, a bottle of Aberlour, and a tin of cheese balls.

    Quick, easy and free, although the Haynes Manual was for a 1976 Austin Allegro, but by the time I had necked the Scotch it was simply a matter of removing the distributor cap and readjusting the points before setting my main crank to 0.5degs TDC.

    f***ed if I can remember what the cheese balls were for tho….. 😆


    Had mine done twice,first time he went in too high and the tube untied and the end popped back out.If you get a Mr Costis….run! NHS, mind when they sorted me out the second time they could not have been nicer. Oh, and I have not read every post,but your balls WILL turn purple.


    26yo & 28yo wanting the snip? Bit drastic at that age, don't know about age limts but with NHS, but they will want you to wait until a new baby is at least 6 months old.
    btw the most painful part is the local in the John Waynes hairy saddlebags…. 😕

    I had mine done on the NHS about 3 years ago, the first needle going in has to be the worst and the fact the room was very cold and made "him" shrink to an 1/8th his normal size, honest!

    At the point where they "sizzle" the ends i shouted out,
    The doctor replied "you can't feel that". "I don't normally shout Ouch randomly" i replied. Cue multiple needles being stuck into me.

    I then spent two days in bed, watching the Lord of the Rings Triolgy whilst wearing a vegatable bag for support.

    I can't believe nobody has posted – What tyres for a vasectomy 🙂

    action dan

    I had mine done on the NHS in 2004, in out with a cup of tea in about 30-40 mins. Just remember y fronts for extra support for the 1st week after procedure and jogging pants to leave the surgery, funnily enough the clinic I had mine done was in Balls Road.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Had mine done 18 months ago on the NHS, slash and burn stylie. No real discomfort, no swelling, no purple plums. A few points I would offer as advice:

    1)Don't be first in that morning – let some other poor bloke warm up the very cold plastic bench you have to lie on. Otherwise it becomes microsurgery.

    2)Shave very thoroughly – everyone will thank you and comment on what a good job you have done. Don't be like my mate who sliced his ball sack open with an electric trimmer, as A&E will wet themselves laughing at you. (Alarmingly, BA trust his hand eye co-ordination enough to let him fly passenger jets!)

    3) When they tell you take it easy, they mean it for a reason. Don't be fooled by the hard men on here who ride home from the op via Glentress Black on a rigid single speed. You'll know when you feel right again. Get it wrong and get it infected, you may spend 6 weeks unable to wear anything other than a long baggy T shirt (another mate!)

    4) Don't take advantage of your other half's delight in your sacrifice and commitment until you have healed – if you dislodge the scab it can take 3-4 weeks for it finally heals over. Just trust me on this one.

    5) Make real sure you don't want another child, especially if you are still relatively young. I was advised to wait until our youngest was a year old as most infant deaths occur within that first 12 months, and you may want another one should that happen. Also, if you were to split with your partner, you may want another child with someone else later, or miss the chance of a relationship because you can't have more. (A very serious point made by MrsSwadey when I'd bought an unapproved bicycle while waiting for the op)

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    OK, here we go. I had mine done TODAY on the NHS – same surgeon as private, but £600 less cash (and a 3 month wait).

    Female surgeon and nurse, with the nurse being fairly tidy. Quick chat, popped my headphones in and zoned out for the 20 minutes it took. The smell of burning flesh was a little odd though.

    Less painful than giving blood. I did make sure that I followed the instructions very carefully with the anaesthetic cream, so I didn't feel the needle going in. Just a little discomfort and tugging (so to speak). 8 hours later, and it's a little uncomfortable, but not too bad.



    Having the snip (or "slash 'n' burn) a week Friday. Reading some of these posts I'm getting nervous as f*ck…… 🙁

    Premier Icon cheshirecat

    aka_Gilo – was much easier than I thought.

    Of course, I have friends that tell me my fair share of horror stories.


    Mark 84

    Hope you get better soon Paul.
    I will make an appointment with GP to go through all the possible options as soon as this baby is born. It really is taking its time already 3 days overdue.


    Had mine done through BUPA. Generally not bothered by opps and stuff, but carpet knives and my testiclaes ain't getting jiggy jiggy with me in the same room.

    Had my own room, Sky TV, prawn sandwiches and a beer afterwards.

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    Another thing. I was told to have 36 tube clearances before sending in the sample. Part of the deal was that my wife would need to assist in making sure I was well clear before sample time. I even had a sticker chart to make sure I kept count.

    It was like being a newly wed again…..

    I just checked on Marie Stopes about getting a yearly check up in case. I noticed they have a special offer on this month; £100 off if you have it done before end of March. Go on, you want to!


    LOL @ tankslapper. I always heard a pair of bricks was the answer. Doesn't hurtso long as you keep your thumbs out of the way…

    t-p 26

    Had it done with local anaesthetic. It was fine, no problems, although I did get a very suggestive wink, from the very attractive girl at the lab reception, as I handed my samples, over to see if I was harmless.

    Premier Icon MoreCashThanDash

    Oh, just to reassure those waiting to have it done, if they don't quite give you enough local anaesthetic, the surgeon will find out about one millionth of a second after you do…….. 😯

    Premier Icon lowey

    Yeah, my anaesthetic didnt work on the left side. Everyone was made well aware of the problem at the instant.

    On my initial consultation, the doctor who was cupping my balls said to me "dont worry, its quite normal to get an erection". I told him I had'nt got a bloody erection, to which he said "no, but i have."

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