I have to hand in a 10,000 word research document. On Tues 28th.

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  • I have to hand in a 10,000 word research document. On Tues 28th.
  • why are you writing a report about a tuesday?

    Do it naked, standing up and in a Dutch accent.


    get on with it?


    Oh, and start writing.


    Any ideas? If anyone can help or offer advice, its fellow STWers.

    Pull your finger out and get off this site.

    28th April

    1945: Mussolini hanged

    On this day, Benito Mussolini -Il Duce of Fascist Italy – is executed in Milan. After coming to power, Mussolini spoke of building Italy into another Roman Empire, but his country soon became a puppet of its Axis partner, Nazi Germany. Crushing defeats in North Africa and Greece crumbled Mussolini’s empire, and in 1943, he was forced to escape and seek German protection after his government revolted against him. On 28 April 1945, as the Allies and the Italian Resistance liberated the last occupied Italian territory, irate citizens in Milan shot Mussolini and his mistress, and hung them by their feet for the world to see.

    In Britain, the Labour government publishes the legal advice it received from the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith about the legality of invading Iraq.
    Apple launches iTunes Store – an internet download music store.
    American Millionaire Dennis Tito becomes the world’s first space tourist.
    Martin Bryant shoots dead 32 people in Tasmania, Australia. He subsequently holds three people hostage in a guesthouse, killing all of them whilst in the process of setting the house of fire and being arrested by the police.
    As gas explosion in Taegu, South Korea kills more than 100 people.
    Former CIA agent Aldrich Ames is sentenced to life in prison by a court in Arlington, Virginia for spying for the Soviet Union.
    The Soviet Union admits that there has been a nuclear accident at Chernobyl in the Ukraine.
    In West Germany, the leaders of the terrorist Baader-Meinhof Gang are sentenced to life in prison for murder.
    Charles de Gaulle resigns as President of France after being beaten in a referendum on electoral reform.
    22,000 U.S. troops land in the Dominican Republic in order to prevent, what President Johnson calls, a “communist dictatorship” taking over the country.
    Dwight D. Eisenhower resigns as Supreme Commander of NATO.
    Maryland ratifies the American constitution.
    Three weeks into a journey from Tahiti to the West Indies, the HMS Bounty is seized in a mutiny led by Fletcher Christian, the master’s mate. Captain William Bligh and 18 of his loyal supporters were set adrift in a small, open boat, and the Bounty set course for Tubuai south of Tahiti.
    Nichiren Buddhism is founded.
    In Tyre, Conrad of Montferrat, King of Jerusalem, is assassinated by the Hashshashin, a religious sect.


    Quit moaning, I have 15-20k words, first draft – due by Monday! Best technique I find is to drink a shed load of coffee and write it at about 2am when you start contemplating “deep stuff”.

    Premier Icon GrahamS

    Nice, but I’m not sure all of those were also Tuesdays.

    Mind you he didn’t say it had to be in April, so perhaps you could provide details of all historical events on 28ths that also fall on a Tuesday.

    good point, i’ll let him do that though. I was just laying the foundations of research for him

    Premier Icon ourmaninthenorth

    What are you complaining about? It’s only the 16th now. That gives you 12 days to do 10,000 words – that’s fewer than 1,000 a day.

    Students these days are so wet!

    (In my day, we did it all the night before….)



    Folks; I knew I could count on you lot for support!

    I’m gonna get me down tha local shops and git me a cup of MTFU!!!


    It’s only the 16th, why on earth are you even thinking about it at this early stage.


    I had to create and type a 10,000 word dissertation for my degree. (Its actually in the Library on display if you want to read it Juan). My girlfriend only had to handwrite 2,500 words and still got a hons degree. Bloody fashion degrees (mickey mouse)


    I have completed 297 words so far, and one diagram.

    Any ideas? If anyone can help or offer advice, its fellow STWers.


    I would rather type 10k than handwrite 2.5k.

    And that is even without considering the damage it could do to my pleasure wrist… 😉


    1072 words down kids!


    No riding this weekend though… :-/


    Takes me back: weeks of procrastation followed by serious cramming…plenty of Pepsi/Red Bull and a couple of packs of cigarettes, a laptop (with 33.6k modem!) and a 2pm deadline, through the night then desperately trying to find a printer that does more than 1 side per 5 minutes at 1:30 followed by pitiful attempts at binding to make it look ‘professional’. Happy days.

    Good luck!


    MTFU. I’ve written 10,000+ lines of code and 6,000+ word report inside 3 weeks. Have you done the research?


    1. Open a new word document
    2. Type “=rand(100,12)” (without the quotes)
    3. Press enter
    4. Wait a few seconds – should be somewhere near 10,000
    5. Go to the pub
    6. Hope it doesn’t get read

    Premier Icon bruneep

    ourmaninthenorth – Member

    What are you complaining about? It’s only the 16th now. That gives you 12 days to do 10,000 words – that’s fewer than 1,000 a day.

    Students these days are so wet!

    (In my day, we did it all the night before….)

    …I did mine on the bus on the way to college without the use of a computer.

    PMSL @ uplink

    didn’t know that!


    Copy it off the internet. add spelling mistakes. fabricate references.

    be finished by tomorrow afternoon.

    Premier Icon the-muffin-man

    Beat up the geeky lad on your course and nick his work!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    What’s the subject. We could all write 50 words, you can rearrange the posting order to make best sense, and in 200 posts you’ll have it done?



    Thats a great plan!

    The case study is entitled; “MA Leadership – Professional Learning Communities; their role in your educational setting”

    Off we go then folks!

    to be fair, its just another bullsh@t hoop to jump through in order to rise up the ladder….

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    In the course of this dissertation I shall examine the role of the various types of Professional Learning Communities in the context of the educational setting of the Institute of Education at the University of London. I shall investigate the various ways in which the Professional Learning Communities impact on …..

    there – that’s 50 words done and I can now go down to the Union Bar safe in the knowledge that if you fail to complete the task, you’ll only have yourself and 198 other individuals that you’ve never met to blame


    In my experience, max wordcount a day is about 3,500. So, you can leave it for a week.



    I feel some of you may have the wrong end of the stick. Instead of the pimply, sponging, whining student tosspot who weeps for his loss of ‘snakebite time’, I am in fact a surly 32 year old PE teacher, paying a fookin’ great mortgage and juggling revision sessions for moody teens…

    Wheres my other 9950 words then?? 😉

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    well, if you have “staff”….delegate it.

    Tell your class of 30 you need 500 words each on various relevant topics by Monday and then you can spend the rest of the week editing.

    And then spend the weekend watching kes and picking up tips.

    Jeez, teachers!


    Get on with it?
    Read essay question 5 times!

    You have time! type 500 words min day hell do 1000.

    Do your research, build your picture in your head, plan it out an dwrite your conclusion.

    Then intro and main body.

    Then read the essay question and essay back. Edit, retype, ref and job done.

    Imagine it has to be in on Monday…get on with it!

    Premier Icon theotherjonv

    just reread the thread from the start, and on the basis that a picture says a thousand words, you’ve got my 50, 1072 of your own and one picture = nearly a quarter done.

    6 more pictures and a summary, and you’re done. Bosh!

    Premier Icon eldridge

    PE teacher?

    10,000 words?

    Someone’s havin a laff!


    10,000 words? Piece of piss!

    I post more than that on here, in a day!

    I did a 5,000 worder in 48 hours once. Straight through, no sleep. Right near the end of my BA course. It was either that, or fail a module and have to resit it in September, or worse, the following May. Meaning I woon’t graduate possibly for over another year.

    it was quite possibly one of the most tortuous periods of time I have ever endured. There were tears. There were tantrums. There was blind panic, despair and outright manic hysteria. At times, I questioned whether I would survive the ordeal. I smoked loads of dope, just to keep my brain from going onto crazy whirlwind mode. I’d look blankly at the pad, and just weep, at the sheer scale of the task in front of me. More than once, I considered chucking it all in.

    Got the bastard thing done, though. And got 77% for it! 😀

    And there was a last minute scare, when the dozy college computer re-arranged some of the final paragraphs into the wrong order. I ended up in the secretaries’ office, virtually in tears, while one of the incredibly kind ladies sorted it all out for me.

    Now, I hear you ask, surely you mustuv collapsed with relief and exhaustion?

    Nah, went down the Union bar with me mates, and drank until the early hours!

    Ah, student life. Heady, fun-filled days…


    No panic.

    Structure first.

    Write down all the bullet points and expand on them later.

    Most importantly you need to have all the main articles with you before that.

    Set a target of writing 2k words per day.



    It’ll be fine, I drink with one of the course validators there.

    in the last 3 weeks of my masters i did at least 20k (CFD report 3k, enviromental something or other 5k, finishing off thesis ’12k+)

    10k in 10 days? plenty of time. As chewkw said, make an estimate of 200 words to a paragraph, write the main headings out. Flesh out with enough points to make 45 paragraphs. Then start back at number 1. Leaving 500 each for introduction and conclusion.

    ohh and save 2 copies, one for use the next day, and one on a different PC/memory stick altogether. That way you dont get to 12 hours to the deadline, have a powercut, lose everything to a jumbled mess of gobbldygook, plead for extra time and spend the next 24 hours straight sinking cans of red bull running simulations and trying to predict the results so you can get the writign done (knowing full well the simulations allone took 3 weeks last time!).

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