How to change a 3speed front mech into 2speed?

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  • How to change a 3speed front mech into 2speed?
  • Kitz_Chris

    If you’re running a newer shimano shifter, there will be a little switch on the underside of the shifter that you can turn between 2x and 3x.

    Premier Icon scaredypants

    what model ? I’ve not come across one that’s switchable
    [Edit: “oooh” at kitz chris’s post]

    My guess is that you previously had it set so the the mech saw you middle as the outer ring, granny as middle and had a “spare” click below that, but you’ve got your limit screws set so that the mech can’t fall off the granny so all that could happen if you clicked down is a bit of loose cable

    On fitting the new cables, you’ve either set it differently (so that the “up” click is tying to shift onto the bashring) or else you’ve just noticed what’s always been going on with the spare click at the bottom

    Don’t think my older shifters have switches, as scaredy says if you use your limit screws to keep it on 2 rings it may well stop the 3rd click from being reached.


    Recently changed gear cables. The rear one works as it should yet the front which is a 3speed used on a double n bash setup has the 3 indexed shifter strokes as opposed to the 2 it had before…

    Any suggestions on how to I change it back to a 2x? cheers


    Should have said, sram shifter operating a shimano mech. Btw the switch on the shimano shifter sounds like a great lil feature.

    I thought i’d set the limit screws correctly (as in not touched em since fitting the new cable) but the situation would suggest they have changed somehow..Will try them again.


    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I simply set my 3 speed shifter used with my double/bash front so that the “Top” shift aligns to the “Middle” (larger of the two) ring position, the “Middle” shift position aligns to the “Granny” ring and then set the inner limit screw so that flicking down once more on the shifter does nothing other than make the cable go slack, not much point paying extra for a double shifter really…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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