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  • How much technology do you ride with?
  • Premier Icon Daffy

    A watch….

    Premier Icon andycs

    Mobile phone with Strava now and again.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I tend to run Strava now on my phone but that doesn’t make any difference when I’m riding, it just goes in my bag or pocket. Other’n that, just the bike.

    Premier Icon stevied

    Just my mobile with Sports Tracker running to see how far/fast/high etc..

    Premier Icon teamhurtmore

    Phone (off) for my use in emergency and watch. A key reason for riding for me, it the peace and quiet and break from the crap that everyday brings. Why take it with you. Plus I actually like map reading!!

    Made the mistake of not turning phone off yesterday evening and stopped to take a bloody PPI nuisance call.


    I ride with a cheap Casio watch, my phone with Strava and, if it’s a long ride, a ‘juice pack’ portable battery charger for my phone. Really fancy one of those Garmin’s which has a map on the screen like a car Sat Nav, but can’t justify the £££s.


    Phone (off) for my use in emergency

    Yup that’s all

    Premier Icon fathomer

    I always wear a watch and take my phone, my phone usually has strava running.

    Premier Icon vinnyeh

    Garmin 800, but rarely use the OS mapping- either follow a gpx, or paper mapping, just use the Garmin for ride logging, but cba uploading the ride details.
    Lumen Liberator.


    your bike is a pretty awesome piece of technology, if you think about all what goes on to machine the parts, put them together, deliver them to the shop where you pick it up.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I’m a technology geek, so always have my Garmin on, with the Powertap on the road, and always upload to Strava. I like having numbers to look at, even though they’re a good chunk lower than they used to be!


    My phone with Strava running in my bag, thats it.

    I don’t use to compete, just to monitor my own riding progress etc and for checking how far I’ve gone etc afterwards. If I’m going somewhere where I’ll need to navigate I take a good old-fashioned OS map and compass with me.


    Phone running either Endomondo or Strava.

    And a watch attached to my backpack chest-strap.

    For routes I don’t know well then a Satmap also.


    recording everything via strava gives me something to aim for and makes me ride more.

    This must be a good thing…

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    On maybe 75% of rides at the moment, I’m using a secondhand smartphone running mmtracker for navigation, but I’m also uploading the recorded GPX files to strava as a genuine training tool for me to monitor my progressas I’m training for the LEL.

    To add complexity though, it’s powered by my dynamo hub (in daylight, it powers the lights at night obviously)

    I always have my proper phone with me, for emergencies.


    Mobile phone with endomondo running.
    Nexus 7 with Strava running.
    Sigma HRM.
    Bike computer with cadence.
    Rampant Rabbit.

    You’re kidding! Half the members on this site consider a freehub and gears too much technology.

    Garmin Dakota with OS mapping here, as a bike computer and way of marking trails I want to explore on another day, and for logging routes.

    ….plus full compliment of gears, brakes and a clutch mech.


    27 gears and pneumatic tyres

    Premier Icon composite

    Mobile for emergencies.
    Garmin 800 for ride logging and mapping for when it’s a new route.
    Lights if i’ts going to get dark while I’m out.


    Not much to be honest.

    When I’m on the road bike, I use my phone (mapmyrun) to record my distance, speed etc. I only use that app because I use it to track all of my training type exercise.

    When I’m on the mountain bike, I have the phone with me but only for emergencies…I don’t track those rides because I spend too much time mucking about and sessioning / riding the same stuff multiple times.

    Premier Icon jameso

    Electonic geekery on bikes makes owning a horse instead seem appealing. I’d rather shovel it’s poo than faff around with a PC to ‘add to’ my riding.

    Yes I do get lost more than many riders, but I also find loads of trails and link-ups )

    (I fitted a bike computer recently as I needed it for route cue tracking, that’s going far enough)

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Smartphone with Strava (often forget though)
    Basic HRM
    Computer on the road bike
    Next bike purchase will be a Lapierre spicy with all the ‘leccy shock gubbins…..

    Want a road bike with ‘leccy gears too 😳

    Premier Icon roverpig

    Garmin 800, with OS maps. It’s got me out of trouble on a few occasions when I’ve gone off exploring an interesting looking trail and got myself totally lost.

    Mister P

    I have to admit to being a bit of a luddite and all this talk of Strava and whatever is both confusing and a little intimidating. I have a very basic computer on my road bike mainly so I can tell what the time is on my commute to work. My MTB has no electronics on it at all, I just ride it and enjoy whatever speed I go at. Am I alone in this? Am I missing out?


    Occasionally a phone for timekeeping and taking the odd picture (i ignore calls when i’m out) but generally nothing.

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    Phone for emergencies, but I have started logging my rides with Strava.

    I used to do it with a Cateye computer and a spreadsheet (I’m a bit of a stats geek).


    I often leave my phone at home and take no water, no pump or anything. I’m so free-spritied, like.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Mobile running Strava and sportstracker;
    on the bars for the road bike, in my bag when MTBing.

    I always carry a spare battery too.

    Considering asking for a bluetooth HRM for Fathers day, so I can log My HR too.

    Not too bothered about the leader boards but keeping logs makes a useful tool for tracking my performance improvement/regression, and I like to be able to see my speed/pace as I ride on the road just to keep me motivated.


    A watch.

    A map and compass sometimes as don’t fancy breaking the phone but do have one with view ranger on it.


    I always have my phone and watch and I normally take my GPS (Bryton 50) with me just so I know how far I have gone. Sometimes, mainly weekends away, I like to take my GoPro too in the hope of getting something like this again.


    Premier Icon bigjim

    A phone, which still has buttons on it.


    I carry a GPS logger in my pack – it’s a tiny box with an on-off button that logs your ride. When I get home and download it I can see where I’ve been, and can upload to Strava etc – but when I am out riding it tells me nothing. I also carry a phone for emergencies (text = “safe in pub, home by 11pm”).

    Premier Icon cakefacesmallblock

    Phone, in case of emergency.

    Watch, to make sure I don’t miss last orders.

    Premier Icon Stoner

    no gears, no suspension, £6 for beer. About as techie as I need to be.

    rusty trowel

    For training/leisure:
    Basic Cateye strada wireless computer
    Polar HRM
    Strava on phone if i remember to turn it on.

    Don’t bother with any when racing cx, but use HRM during most running events to pace myself.

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    Woot! Just got my first KOM!!



    I’ve started taking a camera with me as there are so many great opportunities to take pictures.

    If I am riding alone I sometimes take an mp3 player. Depends on my mood.

    There is something really nice about being away from the technology, but I often take some as it can enhance the ride.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    Phone with Strava, hopefully maps on a Garmain 805 shortly.
    GoPro for capturing the fun

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