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  • How much have you spent on this cycling malarky?
  • Worth every penny


    buzz-lightyear – Member
    Worth every penny

    Oh, without doubt. Probably saved/ended a number of marriages too.

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Around £20k in 12 years I reckon, including holidays etc. Recouped maybe 4k selling suff on.

    Can’t take it with you.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Great value considering that might be the price of one mid-life crisis sports car.

    If that really is the true amount of course.


    Premier Icon wwaswas

    slightly more than I can easily afford to at any given time seems to be the answer.

    Premier Icon njee20

    A truly obscene amount, there is an ‘account turnover’ field at my LBS, and it’s a mind boggling number. That obviously excludes everything spent at other shops, race entries etc etc.

    Enough to buy a house.

    Made me happy though!


    10k give or take just this year 👿 worth every penny and turns my life around…which i believe is for the better 🙂


    About 10 years ago I decided to add it all up, but I stopped when I got to £6000 and wasn’t even on to the bikes.

    I’ve got 4 bags in my wardrobe, all the size of pillowcases. One is full of gloves, one contains overshoes, one has hats and the last has arm and leg warmers in. I’ve got about 12 pairs of bibshorts, and I’m going to stop there because it’s making me nervous…

    Considering I’m on a bike for about 500 hours a year, it’s an investment.


    Crikey crikey, that’s a lot of kit!

    Premier Icon mrblobby

    I dread to think how much. 30k on bike hardware in the last ten years though probably isn’t far off the mark. That doesn’t include holidays, bike associated travel, kit and clothing, consumables (energy and recovery drinks are not cheap!) Spending on bikes for Blobby Jr has just started too with a new Croozer trailer in the post 🙂

    Premier Icon zilog6128

    Hmmmm. £7.5k on bikes alone in the last 3 years since I got back into biking. F knows how much at Wiggle/CRC/LBS etc, probably same again. All worth it of course, though I try to show a bit more restraint these days (he says eyeing up a new Kask roadie lid on wiggle)!!


    All in, maybe £2000 plus if I lost my legs tomorrow I’d have about that much worth of cycling assets to sell so it’s all been free… sort of.

    This doesn’t include holidays/trips as I’d be doing them anyway.

    My CRC history shows 223 orders

    The first 30 came to 1900. I haven’t bought any bikes form them, and most of my stuff comes from Germany now.


    In the last 8 years alone I’ve spent nearly £9K just on (complete) bikes. I’ll bet in total over the last 25 years I’ve probably spent 5 or six times that.


    crikey +1

    I’ve got several plastic crates with similar contents. Having cycled on and off road for over 20 years I’ve probably got more cycling kit than ordinary clothes.

    Of course you need at least three bikes for each discipline depending on conditions, time of the year, event etc. and God knows what I have spent on trips to MTB centres, the Alps, sportives and just generally days out over the years.

    Sadly, I’ve also got 3 storage boxes with all of my bike receipts over the years so I probably could work it out but I couldn’t face the book keeping necessary. I don’t know why I’m keeping them really, sentimental value probably.

    What else would we do with ourselves and the money though? Waste it probably.

    Premier Icon binners

    God knows! I haven’t allowed myself to look at my order history on CRC for years! I really really don’t want to see the figures in front of me in black and white

    Mrs Binners sums it up nicely. She doesn’t mind me spending the cash as my bikes get some serious use, and whenever I come back off rides, apparently I’m like a giddy labrador! 😀

    Premier Icon iainc

    I reckon around £100 a month on bits, plus a bike every 3 yrs maybe on average. I do sell stuff on though. Probable net cost of about £2K a year


    There was a point 5-6 years ago i had over £20k worth of bikes in the shed… its cut back since then, but reckon i’ve spent way over £40k at least (but i have been doing it for 25 years so its not so bad if you spread it out over that time frame!!)

    Premier Icon njee20

    Actually come to think of it the net figure will be far more sensible, I’ve recouped quite a lot on bits I’ve sold, the gross outlay probably isn’t actually that far off my earnings for the same period (up until a few years ago, as I’ve not bought a new bike for 3 years)!


    I just try not to think about the money. However excluding new bikes and trips I give myself a budget of £100 a month for maintenance and new parts.


    Was sorting through some old bills/invoices,that went back 17ys to when I fist started with these here bi-cycles and it appears that I’ve invested at least £30k in that time. Bet there’s a few on here that can top that very easily………..
    Well, go on then………………… 😐

    Premier Icon portlyone

    *fingers in ears*
    *eyes tightly shut*
    *hum loud tune*
    *runs back to CRC*

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    excluding new bikes

    This is whjere I go wrong.

    I’m forever buying bits for bikes or bits of bikes and circulating stuff round and

    ‘ooo, that’s a nice frame cheap, if I got some forks and moved the wheels from there and the gears from there and put the stuff in the shed on the other bikes it’s come off I’d have an ace xxxx bike plus all the ones I’ve already got and I can sell y to offset the cost.’

    only y never gets sold and suddenly I’ve spent £100’s.

    Those recent Scott frames are a prime example ‘I’ll move all the stuff from my cross bike’ Err no, you’ll keep the cross bike and buy all new stuff for the Scott.

    Premier Icon tonyg2003

    I don’t really want (or need) to add it up but let’s just say I have a bike shed with 10+ nice to very nice bikes in it!


    I hate to think but don’t regret any of it apart from one DT rim…

    It rather depends on whether you’re my wife or not.


    thejesmonddingo – Member
    It rather depends on whether you’re my wife or not.

    No, I’m not. Not called Dave, either. 🙂


    Not as much as I’ve spent on skiing


    I wouldn’t like to comment on what I’ve spent, every penny spent has been worth it.


    Not a lot in the last three years but way too much the three years before that, always changing bikes and ordering bits and bobs from wiggle or crc.


    I’m not going to add it up but, I could probably buy a cheap house with it from the last 20 odd years 😀 ( at full rrp )
    Money well spent mind you could have blow it all on cars

    Misquoting George Best: “I spent it all on Beer, Birds and Bikes. The rest I frittered away”


    I keep all the receipts, but I would never want to add them up as it would make me wince. I can’t think I regretted any purchase though (even the one’s I have never used, as they will always be useful as spares).

    And my bikes get used a lot, so it’s not like any of it was wasted (and I have probably saved in fuel what I have spent as I commute by bike) (or at least that’s a good argument to use to justify all the little packages that keep arriving through the post)

    Premier Icon Alex

    I sold two very nice motorbikes when our second child was born. Distinctly remember* saying ‘I’m going to buy a mountain bike… hah no way I’ll ever spend as much as I did on motorbikes’.

    30 ish bikes later. I’ve no idea with holidays and stuff. 30k is probably conservative over 10 years. Plus broken bones and a few scars. Price of entry tho, absolutely worth every penny.. never mind saving a marriage, saved my sanity!

    * am often reminded of it as well 😉

    instant hit

    I’ve got a 25 year history of serious (i.e. expensive) bike buying history. I shop at my LBS mainly, so no receipts! Rekon i could have bought a ferrari or two, but pretty pointless and nowhere to carry a bike anyway.
    No regrets at all, money well spent.


    getting on for a couple of grand.. maybe even three

    I’d hate to be throwing money at it though

    mental innit!


    No idea, but I have just spent £80 on a metal bike stand for my garage, so I can stand all my bikes together in a neat row rather than lean them in a heap against the wall. Getting a bit of buyers remorse tbh.

    Looks good though!


    Last 6 months


    More than I think, no doubt!! Less than the answer if you ask again next week too!!


    I’m not permitted to mention figures on this forum because some Cock thinks he’s married to me ?

    But since the late 80’s I’d hate to think how much Ive spent on GT Zaskars alone before then hob nobbing across to Santa Cruz bikes where I’ve been ever since, kit & equipment as you know is very pricey and its compulsory to have more than one of everything including bikes !

    I’ve always done well from flogging on used bits on eBay and recoup some cash before spitting it back in again, I’ve got a box full of bits that need to go on soon so that the circle can keep turning,
    I don’t drink or smoke so biking is my relief and the freedom and relief I get when out on two wheels would have cost me twice what I’d paid if I’d have been of the mindset to see a shrink !
    Nothing clears my head like a couple of hours on the bike !

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