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  • how much dog walking is too much dog walking?
  • walleater

    Our hound goes out for a couple of hours a day, goes to dog parks, goes biking etc etc, doesn’t eat very much (raw food and fruit / veg mainly) and the vet said she was a bit fat…. Everyone else thinks she’s super healthy looking so who cares!

    That’s a lovely looking beast, walleater, is it a cross?

    Since the thread is thoroughly derailed, here’s another Ridgeback:


    Woohoo for the Ridgebacks! Ziva gets a MINIMUM of 2 hours a day but thats really the minimum and all of that is offlead unless restrictions mean its a road walk in which case its more than 2 hours. When we’re both fighting fit thats an 8 mile mtb loop instead or if its a day off somewhere else more like 10-15 miles. I think its all down to the breed as to how they should look in terms of their ribs and their weight in general. Dogs like yours IMO should be lean looking as they’re supposed to be fit, its what they would of originally looked like. I constantly get less in the know people commenting on Zivas size and weight ( shes fed DOUBLE the recommended allowance and is swapping to BARF very soon) but I soon find out its because they’ve seen another dog of the same breed and hes much chunkier, they generally then go on to say ‘actually he’s a bit too fat’ or lets face it with so many overweight both dogs and people its becoming our ‘norm’ to see an overweight dog!

    Any excuse for a picture!

    Premier Icon sandwicheater

    Yeah, dog post!
    Sounds like more than enough exercise.
    Our Lab/Springer X gets about 1 or 2 hours a day and much much more on the weekend.

    Untitled by sandwicheater, on Flickr

    Bramble n stick by sandwicheater, on Flickr


    Our “ribby” lurcher (border collie x whippet – we think) gets about 2-3 hours per day. We could probably halve this simply by chucking the tennis ball for him but too much would probably be bad for his long term health and he’s too ball obsessed as it is already.


    i like dags


    That’s a lovely looking beast, walleater, is it a cross?

    Yeah, she’s a complete mystery. She got thrown out of a window into -50c temperatures in Nunavut, Canada when she was 6 weeks old, got rescued and made her way down to Vancouver. She looks like a fox / dingo / coyote but seems to have the traits of a multitude of different breeds. She’s pretty rad!

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Many thanks to mrben and bjj.andy.w for posting those terrific pics. 8)

    Really enjoy threads like these, nice to see such a selection of pooches.

    Today I saw two English Mastiff pups and they looked to be real characters!

    Sorry Phil but haven’t answered your question but my suggestion would be that consistency is the key. 🙂

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