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  • How much did you pay for your main bike?
  • monkeyboyjc

    With upgrades the current bike stands me £1724.85p.

    The one before that was £1925.24p


    mtb, probs < £1K, SH Heckler & Fox 36s, mid-level components.

    It’s easy to save money in this hobby by shopping around and buying SH, Even at trade I’m unlikely to buy new now (except Bromptons)


    £400. Plus a bit for an extra cog.

    About £500 for the bike I ride to work every day and £750(ish)for the Surly 1×1 that I put most off road miles on last year. I do however have several other bikes that cost me far more but got used far less due to the cack weather.
    It all depends how you define ‘main’.

    Premier Icon Daffy

    £375, but a futher £170 on “upgrades”

    Premier Icon xherbivorex

    my stiffee cost me around £1400.
    the norco six was £2000.
    roadrat was £450ish (on sale).

    looking at a total spend of around £2200 when i finally build up an el guapo, but that includes parts from the stiffee that i’m hanging onto (wheels, tyres, brakes, bars, stem, pedals and saddle).

    Premier Icon andytherocketeer

    Impossible to say. Half was in GBP the other half in EUR.

    I’d guess around 2000.

    Premier Icon ads678

    2005 Orange Five frame bought about 3 years ago second hand for £300.
    Wheels £200
    Forks and cranks off a mate for about £80 (pikes as well!)
    Brakes £150
    Bars £20
    Mechs £60
    Shifters £20 second hand
    Pedals £40
    Seat post £30
    Saddle £30
    QR £15

    About a grandish 😀

    Inbred 29er cost me about £400 for frame,forks, wheels and tyres. I had the rest already.


    main bike – thatll be the cotic roadrat then.

    total cost after tax – 560 quid i reckon.

    possibly done more miles to and from work than every other bike in the office bought on c2w …..and its only been on the go since october.

    Premier Icon tmb467

    S/h enduro – 550
    Renovation job inc hope m4s, new bars,stem, back wheel, bearings, bottom bracket, headset, pedals, powder coat and shock service – 650

    Did the second bit about 6 months later tho, after I’d ridden it into the ground

    In another 6mths ill do new front wheel, cranks, dropper post and drivetrain for about 600 as well

    And then next year ill probably have to fix and service and upgrade a few things as well

    So its less about what you pay initially – but how deep is the money pit


    God knows – the only bit that exists from the original bike is the seat post clamp.

    Never work these things out – it will only be bad news

    £500 for my second hand Karate Monkey about 18 months back. Probably a couple of hundred quid in upgrades / replacement parts since then most of which was taken up by a replacement wheelset.

    About £500 all in for my 1×1 which I built up from a second hand frame and forks and various bits of old and new kit off ebay. Not spent a penny on it in about 2 years other than replacing a chain.


    £1250 on the bike (new), approx another £900 on upgrades 😆

    2009 Pitch Pro w/ Sektors, Hope Hoops, Elixir Rs, Hope Headset, Nukeproof bars, On-one stem, various different tyres, Superstar grips, post and saddle and Hope qrs…

    Leaving the just the frame and drive-train as original.

    Premier Icon bigblackshed

    The Sanderson would be about £2k to build again. Although the Hope brakes are a limited edition. Ordinary ones would knock about £250 off that. Kona hybrid was £675 new. Again would be about £2k to do again as it stands. It suffered from upgradyitus.

    I spent £2400 on an On One Summer Season a few years ago. The frame cost £99 in the sale. It was bling. Recouped nearly all of it splitting the bike.

    I’d like to have a go at putting a really good bike together from 2nd hand bits and set a limit on how much I could do it for. Say £500 for a really nice proper bike with good kit.


    I’ve not got a main bike. I use them equally, so..

    Just bought my Kona explosif for £1500 + dropper at £96. So £1596 total (still need a 0′ deg rise stem).

    Road bike is a Rocky Mountain Oxygen 80 which was £680 new.

    Chumba HX2 is a little joint venture with my dad- £500 (my half).


    Boardman hardtail MTD was £549 but now stands me over a grand as upgraded Brakes/wheels/forks/Chainset/Bars/Stem.

    Boardman Hybrid was £499, so far no upgrades.

    However, both were purchased through C2W so didn’t pay the full RRP.

    Premier Icon mikewsmith

    hard to say, it’s an evolution of rolling replacements. I have a rough ball park of replacement values (RRP for everything) but no idea what they cost.

    The next bike may be possible


    Main Ibis is worth something upwards of £5,000 to build from scratch again

    built up very slowly with an insurance replacement frame and some parts up to 10 years old!


    about £1,150, two or three times over the years


    $600 on my second hand roadie.

    £500 on my second hand mtb.

    Bought good kit to go with the low end bikes, decent lights, tools, clothing, make it a joy to work on the bikes and ride them.

    Keep thinking about upgrading the road bike but cost to performance increase doesn’t work out for me just yet. Improving the engine first, just started racing so see what I think will help me there.


    About £2.7k.

    2013 Commencal Meta AM, pretty nice spec (IMO)

    Got to love student loans/internships.


    3 grand
    although, I sold the wheels for 550 quid, and replaced with 300 quid ones.


    I won all my bikes in lucky dips.


    Waaaaaay too much. But it’s rad and I ride it a lot.


    I don’t have a main bike…. just several to choose from, depending on what I’m doing.


    Main bike is 2nd hand fixie used every day for commuting. £350

    Weekend bike is a Nicolai cc 2nd hand frame, forks and wheels. Somewhere around £1500


    Not including all the little component changes, I think I worked out my Sov owes me about £1100 in its current configuration. Only 2nd-hand parts are the hubs and chainguide. Most expensive bike I’ve had was built on a 2nd-hand Heckler frame; came to about £1200-1500, depending on which forks I had fitted.


    Well on the basis that I had no donar bike to transfer kit from and was starting from scratch I pushed the boat out on mine to get something I really really wanted – so more of a heart ruling the head decision, and spend nearly £3k. To be honest when I look back I can’t believe I spent that on a bike – and I can’t really justify it – these things are a complete and utter rip off, but it is a one off and now I don’t run an expensive ‘sporty’ car it is a drop in the ocean compared with the running costs of a car – depreciation alone will cost almost that much.

    Also, unlike alot of other sports like Skiing and Scuba Diving, once you’ve got the kit the ongoing costs to actually take part in the sport are very low. With Skiing and Scuba, the kit costs a fortune, then there is an ongoing and very expensive recurring cost to actualy do it. So in the long run cycling is pretty cheap despite the bike cost.

    Premier Icon verses

    My Gary Fisher HooKooEeKoo was about £750 in 2005, but…

    [list][*]The seatpost snapped and was swapped for a Thompson (£45)[/*]
    [*]The wheels wore out so were replaced with Hope Pro 2s (£250)[/*]
    [*]Cranks and cassette were upgraded to XT when rings wore out (£120)[/*]
    [*]Switched to SPDs from flats (£40)[/*]
    [*]The frame snapped and was replaced/upgraded under warranty for a Big Sur (Free)[/*]
    [*]The forks didn’t match the new frame, so I treated myself to some Rebas (£230)[/*]
    [*]Saddle started to look tatty so was swapped for a Charge Spoon (£20)
    [*]Grips started to slip about so were swapped for Odi lock ons (£15)[/*]
    [*]Shifters were upgraded to XT to match rear mech (£40)[/*]
    [*]Brakes were upgraded to XT when I built up my SS and moved the old ones across (£120)[/*]
    [*]Bars and Stem were upgraded to Easton EA70 as they were the only original remaining parts (£60)[/*][/list]
    Plus multiple tyres, chainrings, cassettes, chains…

    I’m riding “Trigger’s Broom” and although I know what the individual upgrades cost, I’ve no idea how to answer the question… 🙂


    Four bikes and I dread to think what I’ve spent on them all.

    Main bike is Giant Anthem 2011 which I bought for £1200 in close-out last year. But I’ve spent around the same in upgrades – wheels, brakes, chainset and many other carbon bits, come to think of it the only original bits are frame, fork and shock!! So approx £2400-2500 but its light and brilliant for me and I love riding it.


    Main bike – commie meta 5 VIP with full XT, was originally £1570 (this was just before bike prices really hiked up).
    Prob spent about £500 upgrading bits and bobs.

    I mostly ride my £400 singlespeed….



    Mainly buy secondhand & donor bikes, then mix and match to get me some nice budget builds:

    Sanderson Life (Donor bike – Kona Kula Gold; Reba, XT kit ) – £320
    Giant Trance (Donor bike – Boardman FS; Reba, X9 kit) – £400
    Focus Mares CX – £240
    SS Inbred – £220

    Premier Icon Simon

    Bike I ride the most? Ragley Mmmbop, frame and wheels were new, rest of the parts were 2nd hand. Total cost approx £900

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Just out of interest.

    Would be interesting to see if the average spend bears any relation to the price of bikes routinely advertised and promoted by the press.

    Mine was about £1250, Rock Lobster with XT & Rebas.

    Premier Icon spawnofyorkshire

    Boardman full susser – £<900 brand new (after some rebates)
    Upgrades – £>300 so far and about to drop another £100 on a new crankset which is my only remaining gripe about the bike

    Commuter bike – £85 off my mate


    had three bikes at one point…
    club roost xs freeride…cost £2.5k to build up then i sold it 18 months ago.. 🙁
    haro dhr…cost £3.5k to build and then some thieving scumbag nicked it last week.. 😥
    da bomb da pukka…currently has set me back around £1.5k to put together… 🙂
    waiting for an insurance payout so i can get the haro replaced… 😯

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I honestly couldn’t work it out it’such a “triggers broom” job…

    I would guestimate ~£5-600, infact I don’t think I’d spend more than £1K on any bike these days, new, used or cobbled together by my own fair hand…

    I iz cheap innit!

    Premier Icon Harry_the_Spider

    I’ve got 4 at the moment.

    £1200 for the FSR in 2005
    £30 for the Inbred frame in 2006 + £250 for some bits + salvage from a donor bike.
    £500 for the UJ in 2008 (mate’s rates)
    £500 for Scott road bike in 2011 on cycle to work scheme

    FSR is getting a bit worn now. I’m saving up for a new full susser that I’ll get from Paul’s Cycles or some other old stock box-shifter in a couple of years. Can’t afford £2500+ for a current model and don’t want to get it on credit.


    About £2300 for my Soul.

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    About £2300 for my Soul.


    Immortal not Cotic right?

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