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  • How do you measure spokes?
  • simbob

    How do you measure spokes? Is it end to end overall or centre of nipple to end or something else?


    Generally if it is a standard J bend steel spoke, then it is from the tip of the thread to the centre of the J


    from the tip of the thread to the centre of the J

    Was greeted by a sharp intake of breath at the lbs when I was after some new spokes then a Yoda-like figure came out of the workshop and measured the broken spokes with a spoke measuring tool and proclaimed the correct measurement according to some mystical spoke stretch legend.

    Lucky I didn’t measure from the tip of the thread to the centre of the J!


    You hook the J over the end of a steel rule and measure to the end of the spoke. Anyone suggesting that used spokes will be a substantially different length to new ones doesn’t understand either wheel building or basic metallurgy.


    @robinlaidlaw Sounds most logical answer, although last time i took one into LBS and asked for one they spent about 25 mins comparing and head scratching only to tell me it was an unusual size and they didn’t have one! So can it be that simple? I’ve had several LBS in the past tell me different sizes, all of which i’ve forgotten, but this is non drive side and not had one of those go before.

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    You can actually get special rulers that have notches cut out so you can slot the bent head of the spoke into them. Thereby measuring from the centre of the head to the end of the threads.
    Spoke Ruler
    All decent bike shops should have one of these to hand, but tbh, hanging the end of the spoke over a standard steel ruler will normally do the job.

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    Park does a spoke measureizer as well. I find it hard to believe that any LBS doesn’t have one of these or something very similar. (SBC-1)


    We have one of those park ones at work but I just pick up the standard steel
    Ruler out of habit same as in have always done and it’s just fine that way

    Oh and odd spokes are easy to create Useing the very good horizan spoke threading tool


    It’s probably 258 hth


    Yup, inside of elbow to end of the spoke. Big Al at Wheelcraft can do it by eye 😉

    The Hozan spoke cutter is nice, but the Phil Wood one is a thing of beauty.


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