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  • Hope XC hub pawl needed
  • Premier Icon gregwaring

    Hello all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any pawls out of a hope xc rear hub knocking about in their bits box that they no longer need.

    Look like this, also found in the Bulb: http://www.stif.co.uk/mtb/product/hope-xc-and-bulb-pawl-set-of-3/9939

    I’ve managed to lose one of the three while rebuilding mine and most places seem to charge about £10-15 for a set of 3 which is a bit steep if you’re only missing one. Happy to pay the going rate e.g. about £4 provided its not heavily worn.

    A bit of a long shot I know but its the sort of thing I would hoard for ages “in case it’s useful one day”




    Hi mate,

    I MIGHT have a set kicking around. I took apart a XC hub before xmas and put the parts somewhere. I’ll go look for them tomorrow and let you know..

    I can also provide a freehub body from a XC hub if you wanted it.

    I should have one you can have for free. Email me your address.


    i have 3 used ones you can have

    Premier Icon gregwaring

    Thanks all, I have contacted Sponging-Machine in the first instance to save breaking up or taking a full set but will follow up with others if that one turns out to be elusive.

    Knew I could count on singletrackers to have this sort of thing lying around!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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