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  • Help please, "Pre crash valuation".
  • jayaitch

    Hi and thanx for looking,
    I was hit buy a car 10 months ago and as part of the claim on the drivers insurance, my solicitors require a “pre crash residual value” bike was a 2001/2 Trek 4300 all as suppied, Insyn 226 fork, shim altus alvio bonty bars stem, id upgraded hoops to Mavic Crossrides, it was lightly used on roads/tracks mainly to work & pub!
    thank again j 😕


    Considering it’s MSRP was about $350 in 2001, you can look at sweet FA now I’m afraid. Usually looking at about 50% of initial value minus 10% per year after that, from what I’ve seen. You’re probably looking around 100$ worth.


    Yep, as coffeeking says rrp was $339.99 although if you can find out the Crossrides’ rrp I guess that’d bump the price up a little.

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    you not just say trek 4300 and omit the year unless asked, say £400 and see what happens.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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