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  • Help – new saddle recs (replace Charge Spoon)
  • I’ve a 145mm Specialized Phenom that I didn’t get on with if you want (Spoon’s also 145mm IIRC), let me know if youre interested. Not really a recomendation as I didn’t get on with it, but I’ve since found I’m more suited to 130mm saddles which explains why at least!

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    Get your butt (sit bones) measured then start with the correct size.

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    Had Spesh before and didn’t get on, but was a different shape and rider then. Any chance of a test ride?

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    I’ve been an exponent of Charge Spoons for some time now, but recently I’m falling out of love. last few rides, i’ve started to notice a significant discomfort in the base of ‘wee Jonny’. Now, there may be a few factors:

    the ground’s a fair bit harder currently, hence seated pedalling gives it more of a bashing.

    I’ve lost a fair chunk of weight, including significant arse lard, so maybe in the past wee Jonny hovered a little higher.

    Maybe they’ve just worn out…

    but bottom line, I’m planning on keeping doing longer rides including targeting a 12hr solo later this year, and after six hours last week i had lower cock pain that was becoming quite unpleasant.

    So, any recommendations for a saddle that’s dimensionally similar to a Spoon, but with a love groove thang going on? And not cost the earth. And ideally be white, ‘cos I’m a tart.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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