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  • Help ! I really REALLY need to lose 15 kgs!
  • samuri

    try my suggestion. just see if it makes a difference. My rides are typically two hours a piece but they seem to be doing me a lot more good than your 4 hour rides are doing you. Make them hurt. You've tried the non hurting method with no joy.


    Don't turn your heating on over the winter and give all your jumpers away now (they need them – record numbers of thefts apparently!). Shiver yourself thin. Maybe.

    More seriously, I'm firmly in the exercise AND eat well camp. Whap a search into google, read some training articles (like the Matt Hart ones on here – they're pitched at a nice, general level), or could you ring the guys you're applying to for advice (sorry, not idea if this is au faix in the military or not!).

    One thing though – don't go for quick 'fad' diets, they never work.

    And to echo what others have said about calories. Check what you eat really carefully. That salad you had – any fatty dressing?(I've just been trying cutting out dairy products from my diet to sort out stomach problems I've had 4 years – I really struggled at first as I had NO idea I ate so much. (Dairy, that is!) It's working though!)

    EDIT – I've not really said anything here, have I?! What I meant was, go over what you eat again and keep up the exercise – but perhaps following some really structured advice (you're running stuff is good, but probably not enough to loose weight, assuming you're already relatively fit from biking). Unless you're entirely muscle, you will loose fat it you consume less energy than you expend – but you've got make sure you're still eating well.

    Terry Wrist

    Well at least you got some good scars!!??

    Nerve stretches are a bit weird to get your head around but should make a difference, and loads of calf exercises will help, but it sounds like you're on top of this.

    Just takes a while to build back up, but there's a fair few pro athlete's who have this.

    Don't know much about the UK Armed forces but they have the Armed Forces Institute of Regenerative Medicine in the US thats doing a lot of work on CS.

    No tips on getting skinny though sorry!

Viewing 3 posts - 81 through 83 (of 83 total)

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