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  • Has anyone had a tonsillectomy as an adult?
  • Premier Icon weeksy

    Mrs Weeksy about 3-4 years back. She’s not had tonsilitis since… she was getting it every 6 months or so and leaving her feeling rubbish for days and days…

    I’d assume she’s forgotten about it.. but yeah i expect if pushed, she’s happy 🙂


    I’ve been debating getting it done.

    Ever since getting glandular fever about 14 years ago I get tonsillitis about twice a year and it’s horrible. My doctor over prescribed me antibiotics so that I can keep some to catch it early when it starts.

    I’ve been put off by stories of how incredibly unpleasant the op is for an adult.

    Premier Icon lowey

    I had them whipped out at 20.

    I suffered from tonsilitus about every 4 months, horrendous pain, felt like ears were popping when I swallowed. Doc finally arranged for them to be removed.

    Post Op was horrible. Heamorraged, blood everywhere, clots in stomach etc. Took about 3 weeks to recover. Since then no problems though.

    sorry for spelling.


    about aged 23 iirc
    Used to get it about once every 8 weeks ish- could not eat would vomit including with blood in it from wretching used to loose a stone in weight – I weighed 10 stone then before the illness!
    Best thing I ever did
    No probs post op -unlike Lowey [ will contact re a ride agreed been too lonng]- went raving a week later but still could not smoke – what an idiot 🙄

    Premier Icon lowey

    thought you got banned ?

    Premier Icon Pik n Mix

    Yes, had them out twice!
    First time they left a tiny bit behind and apparently it re grew! Had them out again, then went on the lash. After the alcohol had sufficiently raised my blood pressure enough to pop the stitches, I was standing on a club in Wrexham with blood just pouring from my mouth. It clotted so started coming through my nose, that clotted and I could no longer breathe.
    If it wasn’t for a nurse in there I’m sure I would have died.

    On the plus side I’ve never had any of the issues I had before which prompted the removal in the first place. Just don’t drink afterwards.


    thought you got banned ?

    I did – Check out my name

    there are some funny comments though

    Page 6 second post explains it all if you want to skim

    Premier Icon bigjim

    If so, are you glad you did it?


    Yes, when 20, as above, I started getting more than the accepted level of tonsillitis type infections, so dived in hastily and paid privately to have it done. Post-op was absolutely grim, I was also 3+ weeks to recover, first 10 days I didnt move out of bed I felt so rough. In hindsight I’d want to be damn sure it would make some serious benefit to my general health before going through that again !


    I had it done at about 23. It was fine apart from not being able to swallow which was worst when asleep as I would dribble and wake up with nappy rash on my face due to lying on a wet pillow for 8 hours.

    The best thing about it was I was at a job I hated and got signed off for 4 weeks on full pay.

    I had mine out to stop me snoring, it didn’t work.


    I did when I was about 30 odd; post op was bloody awful for about 5 days, never had any issues since, although when I sneeze now, it’s at 187 mph and gets snot everywhere.


    Yep, I had one at twenty five.

    If you’re going to ask if my tonsils still give trouble I’m going to have to say that I don’t know…they’re in a jar somewhere.

    Post op for me was fine, swallowing aside. I made it back to the gym within nine days – I was daft when I was young(er).

    Premier Icon bigjim

    OK sounds like a mixed outcome. I don’t know whether potentially weeks of misery is worth it or not really, but I’m really getting fed up of these things now. I basically have the option of getting referred to have them out…aargh.


    I had my right tonsil out the week before christmas (I’m 55) it was flippin painful and spoilt christmas completely.
    I then got a letter telling me they’d found cancer in it and I’ve just completed two sessions of Chemotherapy and thirty four sessions of Radiotherapy.
    I’ve lost over a stone and a half and it’s going to take me ages to get my cycling fitness back but I’ve ordered new road bike (Wilier Cento Uno SR) as a treat for myself. 😆


    Had mine done in my mid thirties, wish I had done it earlier, the op was no worse than the years of tonsils full of puss periodically bursting.

    edit: to reflect sympathy for the chap above, hope that works out.

    Mrs. S had hers removed aged 38.

    Post op’ was more post apocalypse.

    She had an horrendous time. Very, very painful.

    But a good investment, no problems since.


    I had mine out when I was 30 ( 18 years ago) I did this on the advice of my GP and consultant, they didn’t have Internet forums in those days. :-)Post op wasn’t that traumatic as I remember poorly for a week ,back to work after 2 I seem to recall.I wouldn’t say it has solved all my ent problems although recurring tonsillitis was horrible and that has been solved.Would I have them out again,yes I feel I was given good expert advice but once removed it may highlight other ent issues eg sinuses.


    Got mine out at the age of 24. Was nervous going into it having read many horror stories online. While many experience quite a lot of pain post op, I expect those who had less pain are less likely to post online about their rather forgettable experience.

    I used to get tonsillitis every few months and would be on liquid food for a week and feel like crap. Since I got them out I barely ever get sick anymore. Swallowing post op was somewhat painful but was eating regular meals within 2 days (albeit it with a lot of chewing) and back on the beer within 2 weeks.

    Best decision I’ve made in a long while. The recovery from the operation was no worse than any of my bouts of tonsillitis. It seems the younger you get them out, the better. Best off to get it over with.

    I had mine out at 25, never had tonsillitis but had holes in them and things used to get stuck.

    Wasnt too bad afterwards a bit of blood but no haemorrhages. I did get an infection after a week but survived.

    My eldest son had his out at 16 (3 years ago) and they used a new technique. He seemed to recover well. I think they used a laser (but the name of the proceedure escapes me atm). Definitely better for him jot to have tonsils as he was suffering sleep apnoea as well as recurrent tonsillitis

    Premier Icon bigjim

    I then got a letter telling me they’d found cancer in it

    😯 was that complete chance or were you having them out for investigation?


    Had them out at 34. Hurts a lot after two or three days – a whole lot but worth it once acute pain settles. Done wonders for my devious snoring. Previous even.

    Used to wake up all through the night – no more.

    Premier Icon coolhandluke

    Had them out when I was about 31

    Loads of tonsillitis episodes and then the doctor put me on the list to see a specialist. Saw him and on the advice of my pop, said I could be available for a standby op if anyone drops out.

    4 days later I got my letter. 2 days after that they were out. 😯

    Whilst it was very sore it’s still one of th e best things to happen for me, no more tonsillitis.

    Ate eggs and ham for ages, drinking water was a no no milk was ok, but I don’t like milk. Jelly is nice too, with some evap?

    It didn’t half hurt but not as much as it did when I had tonsillitis.


    was that complete chance or were you having them out for investigation?

    The consultant decided to take out just the Right one for a biopsey, they seem pretty sure it hasn’t spread to the other side.
    More info here:- http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/cancer-help/about-cancer/cancer-questions/tonsil-cancer
    My wife looked at me a bit funny when she read the bit about HPV.


    I had mine out two years ago (32) Recovery wasn’t too bad once I realised that jumping on my bike three days later was a bit soon (bleeding etc). Just needed a lot of rest. But worth it, yes. I got ill at least every 2nd month and had ended up in hospital with a Quinsy.

    Premier Icon ononeorange

    Yes. Removed when I was 29, and one of the best things I had ever done. I was so ill for a few years beforehand, increasingly bad tonsillitis (it used to make me hallucinate, fevers etc) and I had got into a spiral where I would get it every few weeks. Ruined my degree finals , I did those in a feverish haze and pretty much passed out afterwards.

    Had them removed without a problem, out of hospital next day and practically running around in a couple of days. The surgeon said they were so enlarged they were some of the biggest he had ever seen (ooo-errr missus!). The freedom from constantly checking my throat in terror of the next bout was incredible – that probably sounds daft but if you’ve really had it badly you’ll know what I mean. My overall health since has improved enormously too. I hadn’t realised how ill the dratted things were making me, apparently they poison your system if bad.

    It was the days before the internet so I am delighted to say I wasn’t able to read the horror stories on the internet and didn’t really think about it to be honest beforehand. Was just glad for the opportunity to be getting something done (it took me years and a diary of illness to finally persuade my GP to grudgingly put me forward for the op).


    Had them out when I was 25, was a breeze.

    Basically my tonsils stopped working, got full of hard pus. Few days before I had them out they turned virtually back and were touching each other.

    Coping with the pain was fine, there was a bloke in the next room who also had his out and was moaning like a little b*tch, he was doing mine and the nurses heads in.

    The worst/most painful thing for me was the jab in my thigh to stop me throwing up after due to the anaesthetic (every time I puked I was making me bleed)

    Not had a bad sore throat since. However often get stuffy sinuses

    I’d say do it

    Premier Icon bigjim

    Hmmm food for thought, thanks all

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