hard tail or full sus? Which one do you take to the trail?

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  • hard tail or full sus? Which one do you take to the trail?
  • roundwheels

    ‘prone to failure’. On my Intense

    this i have to agree with you on this simon i have/had the same problem with my 5.5 changing bushes(x2) and replacing shock bolts (X3)but when she working she great


    :oops:excuse the cave man talk

    Premier Icon jam bo

    changing shock bushing is a five minute job, if that. hardly a major price to pay.

    i ride what I have, hardtails can be fun but bounce is funner.

    depends if you just grind/plod along or like to play around…

    Premier Icon DezB

    full sussers are not required in the UK – well for uplift days but thats about it

    LOL! There had to be one! 😆

    Black runs/Red/blu – what are these?

    richc – laggan black is perfectly manageable on a LT HT with decent tyres, and a good 130mm+ fork.

    I wonder whether I could manage the black route at Laggan on my FS. Don’t think I’d contemplate it on my HT!

    Premier Icon yoshimi

    LOL! There had to be one!

    I was hoping for much more of an attack than that 😉

    Premier Icon crazy-legs

    Either/or, doesn’t bother me. Neither one is better, just different. If I know the trails are going to be muddy then usually the HT, fewer moving parts to wear out.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    I have one bike, so that one gets taken out for a ride.


    I can sympathise with you on your back condition,I also suffer with back pain,but not as bad as you,I can get away with a Hardtail but I do prefer my meta 5.2 (2007) for its comfort factor.

    I use the Full sus for the mountains,and am trying to be selective! on the hilly/rocky stuff with the Hardtail (Hummer)Great on the trail centres though,and I think thats where I will be using it the most.


    More often than not, I ride my FS because it means I can go faster than I can on my HT.
    There are some places that I ride where I prefer my HT though.

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Whichever one I fancy riding or haven’t dismantled.

    You can ride most stuff on most bikes, you just have to ride it differently.

    And that’s the fun of it.


    the hardtail is locked up in the shed back in the uk so no chance of getting on that till I come back in the summer. Shame as some of the trails in NZ are through native bush where there is literally just enough room for the bars, which are a hell of a lot wider on the fs.

    Interesting thoughts though guys, just need to buy a vehicle big enough for both so I can choose when I get to the trails. Whatever the weather I will be removing that shimano xt tat from the rear of the hardtail and getting the sram x9 bobbed on!

Viewing 13 posts - 41 through 53 (of 53 total)

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