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  • project

    Perhaps we can all add a comment for the hard working emergency services who will be on call as per usual over the festive holiday, whether its Paramedics, Dr,s and Nurses, Fire service personnel, and the Police, not forgeting Mountain Rescue and the RNLI.

    A lot of their customers dont thank them or sometimes even respect them, so show your thanks for all their hard work,some day you may need them, for yourself, a freind or family member.

    Happy Christmas.

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    Here, here and wishing you all the minimum of hassle from the knobbers who abuse our services.

    Much agreement here! Oh, and can I add in a note for the chaps and chapesses running the air/sea rescue helos?

    Premier Icon cinnamon_girl

    Happy Christmas to all you guys and girls who do sterling work.

    Thinking back to that recent thread, I really don’t know how you’re able to put up with such crap from the great British public. Hopefully the bad ones are in the minority though.


    indeed and also all the staff behind the scenes

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    Great thread project, well put.

    To all those on the front line that will inevitably end up taking crap of drunken idiots i hope they are few and far between this season. To those behind the scenes thank you for doing what you do looking out for the rest of.

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    +1 to all the above.

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    Can I add an extra one here that always gets missed (most people don’t know we exist) and that of the local council emergency responders!

    In every local council across the country (around 600 IIRC) there will be at least one emergency planning officer on call, a Local authority Liaison Officer and several volunteers ready to come and help if you are involved in an incident!

    In the event of an incident, any day of the year, a EPO and a LALO will probably respond to look after the people affected once the uniformed emergency services have gone. In my council (a london borough), at least 3 or 4 people will be available at any one time over this period. Although hopefully we never get called out, anything from a fire, flood, snow, riot, train crash, plane crash etc will activate these people.

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    We were thinking about this earlier. We made a donation to Mountain rescue one of these groups you never want to see out.

    Merry christmas all!


    +1 I agree!

    Hope all the good people out there have a great festive season, and all the best next year 😀

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    my girlfriend will be spending christmas day (from 7am til 8pm) working in A&E (she’s a staff nurse, only started in this role 2 weeks ago after being on a ward for a few years).

    i fully endorse this thread.


    +1 here too. I work in emergency response supporting the proper emergency services. Hats off to them all year round! Merry Christmas and have a safe one!


    Good luck and thanks to you all, I hope I never see any of you. Be safe.

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    Xmas eve and new years eve working for me this year
    After 22 years on the streets I thought I would be getting time off at xmasNot a chance,!

    Sterling work all involved – several members of my family (though not me this holidays luckily!) will be working away from home for a similar ‘force’ over christmas – not as directly linked to the GB public but a shout to all the servicemen and women serving away from home in the armed forces – I truly hope not too much shit is thrown at the hardworking blue light services and rescue men and women on Britain’s streets you guys and gals to so much gallant and courageous work that more often than not gets less public support/recognition than the armed forces (if thats possible) – people just expect these men and women to be there 24/7 365days and they are – it is a thankless task and your a example of the best of Britain, thank you.


    Hear hear! +1


    Nadolig llawen to all the emergency services in Cymru / Wales

    Donations from our mince pie tasting session on Wednesday will be going to the local mountain rescue team


    Yup, especially the volunteers like RNLI, Mountain Rescue and Community First Responders etc.


    +1 also to this whole thread.

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    Cheers guys, I catch Christmas eve and day nights, hope we don’t see any of you.

    Happy Christmas folks 🙂


    +1 to all of the above! Happy Christmas


    But don’t they get gold-plated pensions as a reward? 😉

    Well said all, here’s hoping that I only ever have to meet you socially.


    thank you guys and gals! here’s hoping you have a q***t one 🙂

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    Thanks all and to the mod who stuck this thread.

    I’m working again this year I’ve worked more than I’ve been off. I start at 7am for hopefully 12 hours, I’ve done the job now for 22 years and this comes with the job. My kids know no difference they just accept that their Dad works nights, weekends, bank holidays and Xmas. The Mrs will bring them down to see me as I work local and we will get up about 5.30am so I can see them open their presents.

    It can be Ok working Xmas as most people are so apologetic and thankful that you have come out on Xmas day, we also see bit of a drop in the unnecessary calls it’s surprising what how people suddenly tolerate that niggle that they’d normally call 999 for.

    It’s my job it’s what I’m paid to do, provide a 24 hour emergency service and love it.

    Thanks all again have a lovely Xmas and I hope you don’t need our service.


    There’s lots I could say here about respect, thanks, ranting at people who abuse them etc etc…..but all that’s needed is a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ and our thoughts over Xmas.

    Great job guys – I know I couldnt do it


    Such great responces, so glad i posted it now, while we disagree on a few things we all agree on the need for the emergency services, something we all need,and depend on.

    Oh and i forgot to mention the blood transfusion chaps and ladies, without whom i may well not have been here, after requiring 4 unitys of blood a few years ago.

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    Great thread, thanks project.

    I’m working nights Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and I’m also working New Years Eve and New Years Day.

    Fortunately I have a very understanding wife and family.

    I can’t complain too much though as I’m getting paid, my thanks go out to all the volunter groups that we work with over the Christmas period.

    Here’s to a ‘Q’ one.


    The 4th Emergency Service – What would we do without them?

    the RAC or greenflag? 😛

    Premier Icon Drac

    The 4th Emergency Service – What would we do without them?

    Ride my bike, do you really need a car? Do you? Hmm! Hmm! Do you really need a car? Eh well? Answer me, I demand an answer.


    Seasons Greetings to all the emergency services and others mentioned in this thread.

    I would also like to acknowledge the work of volunteers manning many of the helplines some members of our society may need to use over the festive period, in particular the Samaritans.


    Good thread.
    I’d like to add all of the armed forces spending their christmas in hellholes like Afg away from their families.
    Stay safe boys and girls and I hope you get to enjoy the traditional christmas dinner food fight.

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    Merry Christmas to ALL our service personnel, no matter what that service be, have a safe one to all


    Merry Christmas Drac!, and all the others also working.


    Dont forget bomb disposal



    Happy xmas all of you.


    I’m working Xmas Day and Boxing Day this year, ho hum. Thanks to all for the kind remarks here.

    IHN – Member
    But don’t they get gold-plated pensions as a reward? 😉
    Well said all, here’s hoping that I only ever have to meet you socially.

    At last, some light relief from the ssssh ‘P’ argument…. 😀

    Seasons Greetings to all the emergency services over the festive period .
    As a purveyor of alcohol i do feel a tad guilty when i see people on the streets who have overdone it and make life difficult for others .
    You do a great job and are very often unappreciated for all the hard work you do.


    Thank you, I am a PC will be working Xmas day… 0700-1500 so not too bad!!

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