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  • Good 10speed chain link
  • Premier Icon ticsmon

    As above for shimano chain

    Premier Icon JoeG

    KMC Missing Link.

    Buy a 6 pack online for about $15, put a couple in your camelbak.

    KMC because they can be reused, unlike SRAM (even though it’s still possible but much harder).

    Premier Icon paladin

    I just put a kmc link on my chain, can’t open the bugger so have now ordered a pair of pliers for it

    Premier Icon tomaso

    I got a pair of KMC missing links from flea bay £4 posted the other day but 4 arrived not 2.


    I don’t understand why KMC links get so many recs on here. Try a Wippermann Connex link and you’ll never go back.

    Connex chains as well are superiour. I’ve got them on all my bikes, on and off-road including my SS and have never broken a chain. The link has a certain unique way of closing but once you get the knack it’s no problem and comes apart real easy every time even when muddy.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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