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  • Getting oil stains out of clothing?
  • managed to get a reeeeeeet nasty big skidmark of a oil stain in my fancy red gore jersey 🙁

    washed it once, and its not budged at all!

    its not any special material just standard jersey type material so can put anything on it etc…

    its fairly big stain right on the centre where i lifted the bike over a gate and shitty chain went right on the jersey 🙁

    last time i use that crap finish line green (irony is id run out of my clean lube, and had to use this in emergency, and this happens 🙁 )

    any tips please?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    wash it again, this time with a loved ones favourite garment in the machine. The oil stain will magically transfer.

    alternatively, and a bit late but sometimes Swarfega will lift oil from clothing but you’ve washed it so I’m not sure it’ll work now.

    bawls, are there no after products that can remove stains? like those carpet stain remover type ones?

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    lots of suggestions on google but I’ve not tried any so wouldn;t be able to make a recommendation from experience.

    Premier Icon woody2000

    You could try rubbing in neat washing up liquid or soap (no water) before washing it. Give it a good massage to break up the oil.

    Or WD-40 apparently, though I’ve never tried it

    Premier Icon binners

    What woody2000 said. Fairy liquid is your friend. Put loads of it on the stain and work it in, then just bung it in the washing machine again


    Rub in Swarfega and wash it again.


    yeah Swarfega or brake cleaner then wash it again..

    Premier Icon curiousyellow

    Try some biological detergent at 40 degrees C in the washing machine first (if it can be washed at 40 degrees). This usually works on everything for me.

    Failing that, try soaking it in Vanish and gently rubbing the stained area out.

    If it’s a softshell you can always reproof it with some Nikwax softshell proof.

    cheers guys for the input – easy first to try fairy up liquid neat and a scrub gently!

    and i must admit theyve only been washed on a 30degree, its only a standard material jersey so no worries on the material front…

    ill give it a bash, if fairy fails ill have get something like vanish etc…

    it looks a reet mess at the min though 🙁

    Premier Icon njee20

    I got an oily chainring mark on my Oxygen SO softshell 2 winters ago. It’s been washed with normal washing power, Assos Activewear wash, Vanish etc and it’s still just as prominent as the minute I did it!

    Orange Crush

    Elbow Grease from SemiChem does the job and is good on the bike too.

    Premier Icon manton69

    I use Eucolyptus oil. Put that on a cloth and rub the marks. That should take most of the oil out before you wash it and that does not stain the garment. Smells nice as well. 🙂

    Premier Icon seabadger

    Finish Line Citrus degreaser here. Works a treat – even on light coloured trousers. (although prob best to do it before sticking in in the washing machine…)

    Premier Icon StirlingCrispin

    You want Stain Devils (supermarket should stock them)
    Something like this – unless there’s one for chain oil.
    Apply and wash. Removed a tattoo from my new fleece.,mod%3D3&um=1&ie=UTF-8&cid=6252052471421020577&sa=X&ei=Cv2gUICEBIeFhQertICoDw&ved=0CE0Q8wIwBw


    Tip: if you put the cleaner (Fairy Liquid or whatever) directly on top of the stain you risk the cleaner spreading the stain OUT into a ring (as the cleaner itself gets absorbed into the fabric) – instead encircle the stain with the cleaner and work the cleaner IN towards the stain . . . much less likely to leave a residue after washing.


    White spirit works a treat. Well, at least for tar it did. Nothing came close to getting it out but a dab of white spirit and it disappeared in the blink of an eye.
    I wonder if it has the same effect on oil?

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