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  • (gaming) how much would i get for these in p/x?
  • Premier Icon Rusty Mac

    Can you not plug the details into a website like this


    And see what they would give you as a ballpark figure?

    Premier Icon steveoath

    Classifieds on here.

    If you do that I’ll offer a tenner for Sleeping Dogs! Lemme know, addy in profile.


    Download the game app, and scan the bar codes. Tbh I don’t think you’ll get much for the Xbox and games, and probably £15-£20 for all the 360 games. I could be, and probably are, wrong though.


    that’s very generous of you steveoath.

    am embarrassed to admit that i don’t know how to sell stuff online (as i don’t have a credit card,just have an instant saver account at santander 😳

    can i give you my e mail address (i am a numpty and couldn’t get your g mail address to work (it’s a sign of old age/stupidity 😳

    my e mail is adamibanezcunningham@hotmail.co.uk

    i would be happy to post it to you tomorrow (the game is as new condition/will post first class recorded delivery). i cannot put into words how it will be helping my cause 😉

    in all seriousness thanks a lot for your offer 🙂


    Premier Icon Cougar

    Have a look on CEX’s website. They list trade-in prices there.


    as gta v is coming out next tuesday (and me with no funds atm),desperate measures are called for (within reason 😉

    i am planning to p/x the following games (and an xbox).

    all xbox games :-

    doom 3
    forza motorsport
    half life 2
    indiana jones and emperor’s tomb
    oddworld munch’s oddysee
    project gotham racing 2
    thief deadly shadows

    xbox console (with a worn but still working joypad (not original xbox one but it came with the console)

    360 games :-

    enslaved odyssey to the west
    project gotham racing 3
    sleeping dogs
    test drive unlimited

    do you think i could get close to the price of 360 gta v with that lot?

    am not selling skyrim legendary edition though 😉

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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