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  • excitable1

    Need new pads, current Endura Mt500’s are falling apart and taking my skin down to the bone !

    Can’t decide between these two. Do the G-Form’s ride up & down because they don’t have straps and are the 661’s flexible enough are amongst my ponderings ?

    They need to suit and stay on for the whole of big long 50k plus rides in all year round weather conditions so un noticeable once on. If I take them off during a ride my knees are magnetically drawn to spiky rocks and pull me off the bike 🙄 !

    Any advice would be appreciated (or a suggestion for an alternative worth considering). Cheers.


    I used G-Form last year they gave me blisters so I got a refund, this was both arms and legs, not sure I’d be keen to try them again and that was based on the sizing they recommend. Liked the concept of the G-Form but it didn’t work for me.


    Thanks. I’ve had the same problem with the Endura’s too and have to grease up before I put them on now !

    I liked the G-Forms while they lasted – they fit great and sat well when I first got them, but then I think the elastic stretched a bit and they started to slip down more. Then I managed to tear one while pulling them up. If you’re lucky enough that they’re a perfect fit then I reckon they’re great, if not then less so.

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    Not a lot of help as the MT500s are the closest I’ve found to a wear all day pad, but I agree that they are far from ideal.

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    I bought Troy Lee KG5400’s last year.
    Very happy so far.Can wear them all day. I find them comfy.
    Fellow riders also impressed.

    I dont have any experience of the others.

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    I bought those troy lee ones last week, seem a really good pad, not used in anger, but they feel soooo much better than the alpine stars that they replaced.

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    watch the wash restriction on D30. i’ve used kyle straits for a few years and done some large rides in them. they don’t bother me in the slightest.


    Doesn’t sound like the G Forms will be up to the task. The elastic is shot in the MT500’s too and they are actually quite well built.

    The TLD’s look alright. I looked at them before I before bought the Enduras but no one had them in stock back then, must have been a new out.

    Anyone else use the 661’s as a long ride pad ?

    I like the 661 d30 for comfort but over time the elastic stretches so they start to slide


    O’Neal pads are the best i have ever had and i am not a pad fan. The knee pads just stay put all day and dont rub one bit. They come in a std hard insert which i have or the D30 which are a bit more and better by all accounts, but as i say amazingly comfortable to the point you forget they are there.

    Friends had Enduras and 661 in the alps and complained loads while constantly adjusting them. They subsequently bought the O’Neils and were very happy with them


    My experience of g-forms have been great, had them ages (before UK distribution was sorted so ordered them from the US). The knee sizing was a bit off (cut off my circulation) so sold those and got the next size up and a couple of months later bought the elbows (pretty sure I actually went with the web-site size guide for those and they were spot on).
    In use you really do forget you’re wearing them, I did take them off for long climbs in Spain last year when temps were 30c+ but could have gotten away with keeping them on (I wanted a tan though + the others in the group were taking their other brand pads off so had to stop anyway!). And with current temps in the UK they act as handy arm and knee warmers.
    They’ve also been fine on the durability side, I’ve only had a couple of minor offs whilst wearing them (did end up with like a carpet burn on my knee one of those times from the friction of the material but the pads didn’t rip). I machine wash them after every ride to (40c and a 1400rpm spin), no signs of stitching coming lose. They’ve not stretched either, in fact they feel a bit tighter if anything after Christmas but I suspect I know the reason why 🙁


    Really like my GForms. Sizing is spot on and I forget I have them on every ride. Not had to use them in anger yet, but the “knee the wall” test proved very positive.


    Just picked up the O’Neal Sinners in a medium. First impressions, bloody great. More comfortable than anything else I’ve tried before, plenty of flex, mould nicely to the shape of your leg, more protection than most, and the sizing is spot on, a medium is perfect.

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