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  • simondbarnes

    I use Specialized BG Gel. Not mtb specific but go the job perfectly for me.


    Any particular reason for the gel padding? For gloves I prefer the less is more approach, the less layers of material on the palm the better imo


    On my road bike I have no pain what so ever

    on the mountain bike I seem to get allot of calluses and occasional tingling sensation (excuse the spelling)

    My list of full finger gloves are
    alpine star, 661 and fox, all with cloth padding but nothing substantial

    I sad the bg gloves years ago and they had padding, any still available?


    Just got a pair of Endura Full Monty , they have 2 gel pads on the palm.


    Good Evening

    Can anyone recommend me some full finger trail gloves with gel padding in the palms,

    My road bike gloves do, just after some full finger gel padded palms

    No MTB gloves in any bike shop I have looked into has any!

    Any advice greatly appreciated


    Premier Icon rickon

    Giro hex and Fox…. Something….. Best two padded gloves I’ve used. Fit is perfect on the giro.


    I use the Full Monty gloves and they have increased my hand comfort. The gel seems to be in just the right place


    I’m not a fan of the minimalist feel either! Another option I’ve tried which works for me is thicker grips instead. I have Specilaized Enduro lock ons – they are wonderful – nice thick grip but not ridiculously so. Nice cushioning without feeling squishy.
    Specilaized gloves are also normally really nice to wear so the suggestion above to try some might be worth a shot.

    Im using full monty gloves but cut the gel pads under the knuckles out during the first ride. I found they just effectively increased the diameter of my grips and made my hands ache like crazy. Something to bear in mind maybe.

    Premier Icon johnnystorm

    I tried out my Specialized BG Gel Wiretap long finger gloves yesterday. Very comfy but the iPhone operation by the wiretap tips isn’t that great really.


    Fox Reflex have gel pads in the right places – I prefer them for DH as it takes the sting out of long descents and stops the callouses getting too big 😉


    Have got some Full Montys I like ’em. The gel seems quite effective when it’s new but goes off after a while. The rest of the glove is not too shabby either for £18.


    I’d look at your grips before your gloves, my hands used to really hurt with the OEM nukeproof grips, changed back to odi lock ons and everything is fine again.

    Try your road gloves on the MTB?

    Premier Icon FOG

    I too have problems with hands aching and have tried padded gloves with little success. I am just about to change grips in an attempt to improve things. ODI are much too hard and the Lizard skins on my other bike are no different. Any suggestions for a grip, lock on or otherwise, that is soft enough to aid comfort but not so soft as to hinder control?

    Premier Icon Stoner

    I use spesh BG fingerless in summer, and have now found some of the new On-One range are very good for full finger protection.
    And at typical On-One prices, they’re not going to break the bank either



    TBH though, Im not sure how this happened. Im think they’re breeding…

    The endura ones are my least favourite BTW.

    I’ve never had a bad pair of Pearl Izumi gloves. Fit well, comfortable, last well. That said, haven’t had any full finger summer gloves from them.

    Endura MT500 are comfortable and lasting well. Small amount of padding in sensible places. Didn’t like the Endura Singletracks shown above

    Premier Icon DaveRambo

    What FuzzyWuzzy said above.

    I bought some of the gore ones in his link and they are great.
    Good fit, reasonable padding that doesn’t feel too think. Light material so you don’t get too hot.

    Best gloves I’ve worn in a very long time.

    Another vote for the Specialized BG Gel gloves – use both long finger and short finger versions. They’re extremely comfortable and I find that the gel padding is much beter than fabric padding on other gloves.

    Premier Icon zbonty

    Slightly OT (no gel padded!) but i bought some Garneau ‘Ergo Air’ full finger jobbies from my local Evans and they are amazingly comfy.

    Gloves are like jeans for me-never bought mail order, always try on lots in the shop first.

    Premier Icon njee20

    Another vote for the Specialized BG Gel gloves – use both long finger and short finger versions. They’re extremely comfortable and I find that the gel padding is much beter than fabric padding on other gloves.

    And another. I have several pairs of the BG Ridge, which is much less padded, but find them far less comfy.


    I love my Answer Fall Line Gloves on the road and MTB for almost all four seasons.

    Cool in the summer and warm in the winter… no idea how that could be but they are. They have a slightly thicker than normal palm which has no stupid stitching and hence does not bunch and cause me blisters like so many other gloves have.

    I’ve thrown out most of my other gloves and bought more of these… they are brilliant… IMHO etc.

    Messiah – how do they size up?


    Same as my other gloves Simon – I’m a large in all other gloves too :mrgreen:

    I’ve got gloves between a medium and XL in different brands. :/)


    I’m a large in Gore, 661, Thor, Dakine, Specialized, and Answer… so it would seem I have large hands 🙄 …

    which are great for holding my

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Nothing better than Troy Lee XC’s for all round use / value IMO.

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