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    Last try on here!:

    Due to my wife’s lovely bike not being allowed in our communal stairwell any more(and she can’t lift it up the stairs), she is selling it and replacing it with something cheaper that can be kept outdoors or at least carted up the stairs.

    It’s a lovely Pashley Princess Sovereign, bought about a year ago (ish) and only used lightly (the brookes saddle is not worn in yet and still even has the small dimples on it!). Few minor scratches, but in pretty much fantastic condition. Still unregistered with Pashley and have the warranty cards/receipt etc so you can register it.

    Full spec can be seen here: http://www.pashley.co.uk/products/princess-sovereign.html ,but highlights include a 5 speed hub gear, lovely basket, pump, plus dynamo front light and built in rear light. The only thing missing is the dutch style lock that was fitted to the frame, but we removed it as it was rubbish(the key had to stay in the lock when it wasn’t in use!).

    Size is medium I think, but best just coming to see if it fits!

    These are £650 brand new now, so how about £400ono?

    based in Stirling, Scotland for collection. Don’t think posting is an option with this bike unfortunately.

    Premier Icon Speeder

    You can shoot me if you like but I’m going to make a suggestion here.

    Just keep it and store it outside. For the £500 hit you’re going to take selling this one and buying another bike you’d be better off just keeping the nice shiny (I assume most bits are stainless) bike outdoors and polishing it now and again. It’s what we used to do in Amsterdam, the only real downside is having a wet seat in the morning.

    Oh and Dutch locks are amazing – the lock is always with the bike and the key’s either with you or the bike – what’s not to like? I brought one back with me to fit to my pub bike – so much better than carrying something else and your potential theif doesn’t suspect it until they try and ride off. Can be suplemented by a chain if you feel the need but the perfect lock for just popping down the shops.

    Hope you keep her she’s lovely.

    Goat Karma

    Cheers Speeder. The problem with keeping it outside is the crappy place we live. We wouldnt mind leaving it outside if we had a garden but it would probably have to be kept in our communal car park which is right next to a bowling alley where drunk teenagers hang out. My wife’s sister kept a bike there for a while and it ended up wrecked(shredded seat, kicked in wheels etc). I’m thinking we might just take it down to my parents house and leave it in the Garage until we move somewhere else.

    The lock was an great idea, but we would end up having to lock it to a bike rack with another lock anyway(people tend to lift up bikes and carry them away!!), and then we couldnt fit the key to our keyring as then all your keys were dangling out the side of the lock when you were riding around! It would have been fine if the key didn’t have to stay in the lock when it was unlocked.


    I used to use this when I live in the Dam,


    Handy little thing meant your never forgot your keys when they were in the lock you could always just have the lock key on itl.

    Great bikes Pashleys – My wife would love it, but we’re all the way down in London.

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