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  • FS : GLOWORM XS LED Light 2200 Lumens £135 Like New!
  • comes with all mounts and QR handlebar mount (very nice extra £20!), 2200 lumens with changeable optics, it comes with a brand new battery unused

    its a mighty powerful light, im only selling as i cant fit the light on my new 35mm bars, sadly that is the only reason for sale

    so im after £135 posted special delivery/ or some form of courier that will accept batteries



    Hi can do £100 if interested?


    Yes please I will have this
    Can you email me please

    Premier Icon golo

    I’m interested as well. How best to proceed? Auction?! 🙂


    First come first served I would say

    sorry folks just seen this!

    jontykint was first come so will email him, if it falls through its yours golo

    ps jontykint email sent let me know on here if you don’t receive it


    Actually I messaged you first but there we go.

    you did yeah, but you offered 100 quid!!!!!!!!!!! im not going to accept that or consider it when ive had 2 firm offers at the asking price?!?!!?

    if you’d have said you’d pay for that price I asked id of course sold it to you


    Your correct, you don’t have an email contact and I made an offer.
    No one was interested the first time advertised.
    If you then said no I would then have negotiated what you wanted upto the asking price.

    But it’s sold so I will take my sour grapes with me.

    gixerator – no offence intended bud, just 100 wasn’t enough, so as I only looked at the thread when there were 3 replies (ie I saw all 3 at the same time, not yours first etc) I assumed that was your max offer

    if it falls through for whatever reason you are more than welcome to the light, I advertised it at a fair price I think so I expected serious buyers to go with my asking price not knock a 3rd off…anyways, sorry if its annoyed you, I just assumed it was your only offer, ill keep you in mind if the first chap doesn’t pay/want it though so no hard feelings

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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